Hair removal forms a major part of our beauty routine. Waxing, shaving or epilating, no matter what your preferred choice of hair removal is, the one thing common between them is: pain.

This is one of the main reasons why more and more women are opting for laser hair removal treatments, especially when it comes to areas that require frequent hair removal such as your underarms, upper lip and chin.

Laser hair removal treatments offer a more permanent approach to getting rid of body hair. But if you think getting your underarm hair laser removed means you can throw out all your waxing kits and razors, well, sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong.

Read on as we list 5 things you should know before undergoing an underarm laser hair removal treatment…


1. It is not a 2-3 session job

It is not a 2-3 session job

For a laser hair removal treatment to be really effective, it is important to complete at least six to eight sessions to see notable results. Apart from this, you would also need to get top-up sessions depending on your hair growth and texture.

2. It is not exactly ‘permanent’

After you have completed the number of initial treatments prescribed by your doctor, you will notice that the finer hair in your underarms has completely stopped re-growing. But it is the thicker and coarser hair that keeps coming back and need to be removed. But here’s a good thing – it doesn’t appear quite at the same rate as before, which means you’ll be getting rid of it a lot less often.

3. Yes, it does hurt

While it is not the most painful way of hair removal, it is not exactly a painless process either. One a scale of 1-10 (1 being lowest and 10 being the highest), we would give this a 6. Each time the laser zaps a hair, it would feel like someone is continuously flicking a rubber band against your underarm for about 10 minutes straight. Once the procedure is done, expect your underarms to feel slightly sore for up to 24 hours.


4. It takes a few sessions to see results

It takes a few sessions to see results

Now, this is totally subjective and it depends on your hair growth cycle as well as the thickness of your hair, but in most cases, it takes about 2-3 sessions to see a change. Your growth seems to become finer with time, which means that hair will become less noticeable and you will have more time between shaving. Initially, your hair may continue growing as it normally does, but as the follicles keep dying from the treatment, the hair will also quickly fall out. Interesting, isn’t it?

5. You need to stay out of the sun

Here’s a little precaution you need to take – stay away from direct sun exposure. This is because the laser, coupled with direct sunlight could leave your skin extremely damaged and sensitive. However, if you do expose yourself to direct sunlight, please inform your doctor and wait at least two weeks before your next treatment to prevent the laser from causing any more damage.