The rainy season does not give you the freedom to skip out on your sunscreen as the harmful UV rays can still damage your skin. Opt for lightweight and long-lasting sunscreens this monsoon – we pick three of our favourites. 

With it being impossible to avoid the sun’s harmful rays unless we move into bunkers, sunscreens are a boon. They prevent skin cancer, as well as premature ageing. As for immediate gains, you don’t have to worry about sunburns or involuntary tanning. There are also creamy and lightweight sunscreens for all seasons from summer to monsoon. 

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Do you need sunscreen on cloudy days?  

Now, we wish clouds were opaque enough to block the sun's rays from reaching us. But that is not how Mother Nature works. Whether the sun sifts through cloudy skies or tinted windows, its ultraviolet radiation can still damage your skin. You should be applying sunscreen even if you work indoors or are out during cloudy weather. 

4 Light sunscreens for a cloudy day  

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Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 

While we understand sunscreens can be patchy and greasy, there are ones with lightweight sunscreen formulas so that you don’t have to feel icky even during the rainy season. The sweat and waterproof Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 also has a natural finish so that it does not leave that dreaded white residue sunscreens are known for. On top of it, it absorbs 97% of the UVB rays so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to the sun. 

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Pond's Bright Beauty Glow SPF 15 Day Cream  

Is the humidity during the monsoons also messing with your skin? Moisturise your face, as well as protecting it from the sun with the Pond's Bright Beauty Glow SPF 15 Day Cream. This 2-in-1 combo also works as an anti-spot cream with vitamin B3 to lighten blemishes and SPF15 to stop dark spots (courtesy of UV rays) forming in the first place. It acts as a protective barrier against the sun while preventing hyperpigmentation and redness. 

lightweight sunscreen woman lakme

Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser 

With cloudy skies not providing a respite from the sun’s effects on your skin, treat your blemishes while putting up armour against the UV rays. The Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser has SPF 15 and lasts up to 12 hours which means no need to constantly reapply. It is also loaded with vitamins B5 and E to hydrate your skin. On top of it, it also has a natural finish and is free of parabens and harsh chemicals. And if you are someone who is also prone to acne, this sunscreen is non-comedogenic and works well for all skin types

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What to look for in a face sunscreen  

Apart from checking if the sunscreen is lightweight and non-greasy, there are some other factors that you should consider before buying sunscreen. Along with the SPF content, it should also be able to defend your skin against the different UV rays while being conducive to Indian rains. 

Broad spectrum formula  

Sunscreen should be made with a broad spectrum formula as there are multiple types of harmful UV rays. Your sunscreen should be able to protect your skin from ultraviolet A, (UVA),  

ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet C (UVC). With UVC rays not having long-term damage according to the FDA, you will find a majority of sunscreens catering to UVA and UVB protection.  

SPF level 

SPF which stands for sun protection factor tells you how effective the sunscreen is and how quickly it takes for the UV rays to break through its defenses. The standard sunscreens have SPF that is between 15 to 30 as they will be able to block between 93% to 97% of the UV rays. The higher the SPF level, the better. 

Water and sweat-resistant  

One of the turn-offs of earlier sunscreen products was the greasy and thick formula that left a white residue and made your skin look patchy. But thanks to the progress of technology, we now have tinted and lightweight sunscreens that have a natural finish to the point that you may even forget that you are wearing sunscreen. It should also be water and sweat-resistant as it will do no good if the sunscreen melts away in the run or during an especially hot summer. 

FAQs on sunscreen for cloudy days 

Should I wear sunscreen even if it is cloudy? 

The clouds do not stop the UV rays from filtering through and damaging your skin. This is why you should also apply sunscreen on a cloudy day. 

Are sunscreens waterproof? 

Yes, most sunscreens nowadays like those mentioned above are sweat and waterproof so that they don’t slip off during the summer or when you step out in the rain. 

Does sunscreen darken skin? 

No, sunscreens do not darken the skin. In fact, they contain ingredients like vitamin C to prevent tanning and to control hyperpigmentation that forms from sun exposure. 

So, now that you know not to skip on sunscreens even during the monsoons, what are you waiting for? Try out one of the lightweight sunscreens mentioned above while also protecting your skin from humidity.