While summer can be extremely harsh and damaging to the skin, your underarms take a severe beating in particular. Pesky problems such as body odour become pretty commonplace as soon as the temperatures soar. This is why a lot of us feel rather awkward wearing beautiful sleeveless summer dresses that beg for their time under the sun.

As frustrating as this might seem, there’s no need to lose heart just yet. Scroll down for a list of four common summer underarm problems and how to deal with them effectively. Here’s raising our hands to soft and smooth underarms that smell great all year round…


01. Underarm dark marks

01. Underarm dark marks

Factors such as ingrown hair, improper shaving techniques and constant friction can all contribute to underarm dark marks. Summer-related issues such as incessant sweating, using a deodorant formulated with alcohol and a lack of personal hygiene just add to the woes. The best way to tackle this is by using an alcohol-free deodorant that targets underarm darkness.


02. Rough underarms

Rough underarms

Tight synthetic clothes, lack of exfoliation, coupled with improper shaving techniques can make your delicate underarm skin rough. Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the area once or twice a week and use a razor with sharp blades to avoid going over the area more than once. Additionally, look for deodorants that contain moisturising ingredients to keep the area nourished and smooth.


03. Body odour

03. Body odour

This has to be one of the most common underarm problems, especially during the summers. Excessive body odour results from sweat getting trapped in the underarms and reacting with the bacteria present in the area. While it is completely natural for your sweat to have a slight odour, the problem begins when things get a little too overpowering. Maintaining personal hygiene, wearing breathable fabrics, and using a good deodorant that offers long-lasting odour protection can go a long way in keeping this problem in check.


04. Underarm irritation

Underarm irritation

Improper hair removal techniques, excessive sweating and trapped heat are the main reasons for underarm irritation. If left untreated, this can even give rise to problems like rashes and heat boils. Remember to keep the area clean by washing it with a gentle body wash and wear breathable fabrics like cotton. Also, when picking a deodorant, ensure that you avoid products with harsh ingredients like parabens and alcohol as they can irritate the skin further and worsen the problem.

Dove deodorants

As annoying as these problems seem to be, just a few tweaks in your body care routine can help tackle them. While regular cleansing and exfoliation are highly beneficial, make sure to include a good quality deodorant in your personal care routine. The newly launched Dove Even Tone Deodorant and Dove Original Smooth and Even Skin are perfect for this job. Formulated with 1/4th moisturising cream, these deodorants soothe razor burns and reduce underarm dark marks, while the alcohol and paraben-free formula prevent dryness and rashes. Additionally, it controls excessive sweating and offers up to 48-hours of odour protection, making it a must-have in your vanity.