Back-To-Work: 5 Essentials To Include In Your Work Bag

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
 Back-to-work: 5 essentials to include in your work bag

Most of us have been working from home for over a year now due to the pandemic. But with the vaccine now available, many offices have decided to resume operations, which means getting back to the grind and travelling to work in the crazy summer heat. While you’ll have to stock up on products to beat the sweat and heat, you will also need to include essentials that’ll keep you protected from the virus while you’re out and about.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up five products that you should definitely carry in your back-to-work handbag for overall care and protection.


01. Sanitiser

05. Lip balm

Even though some offices have started resuming operations up, let’s not forget that the pandemic is far from over. It is still essential to wear a mask and sanitise your hands frequently to stay protected from the virus. This means that the most indispensable product in your back-to-work makeup bag has to be a sanitiser (duh). The Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer contains over 60% alcohol and kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses instantly. This quicky-drying, non-sticky anti-bacterial gel also contains glycerine that keeps your hands feeling soft and supple.


02. Hand cream

05. Lip balm

Frequent hand washing and sanitising can leave your hands dry and flaky. But you can easily avoid this problem by keeping a tube of the Vaseline Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream in your handbag. Formulated with moisturising ingredients like glycerine and vitamin E, this 2-in-1 anti-bacterial hand cream moisturises dry hands and instantly kills bacteria as well. A must-have, if you ask us!


03. Deodorant

05. Lip balm

The worst part about travelling to work during the summer season is the profuse sweating and body odour. But a simple way to instantly freshen up, control sweating and reduce body odour is to keep a bottle of the Rexona Shower Fresh Underarm Odour Protection Roll On in your office bag. Applying this deodorant prevents excessive sweating and odour-causing bacteria from breeding in your underarms. This helps in controlling body odour to a great extent. Additionally, since this roll-on deo is dermatologically tested and free from alcohol, it is entirely safe for your delicate underarm skin.


04. Sunscreen

05. Lip balm

Kudos to you if you apply sunscreen as a part of your AM skincare routine, but for the sunscreen to work more effectively, you need to keep reapplying it every couple of hours. We know that reapplying sunscreen on a full face of makeup can be challenging, but you can easily avoid this problem by carrying the Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 PA+++ Compact in your back-to-work handbag. A quick swipe of this compact powder instantly zaps away all the shine and delivers an ultra-matte finish. This compact powder also comes infused with SPF 40 PA+++ to protect your skin against tanning and sunburn.


05. Lip balm

05. Lip balm

Travelling in the hot and humid Indian summers and then spending the day in an air-conditioned room can take a major toll on your lips, leaving them dry and dehydrated. Therefore, we recommend that you toss the Lakme Lip Love Chapstick SPF 15 in your handbag and apply it right before reapplying your lipstick or any time your lips feel dry during the day. Apart from the yummy flavours and the nourishing formula, what we love the most about this lip balm is the inclusion of SPF 15 that provides adequate protection against UV damage.

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