The winter season comes with its set of pros and cons. While you have endless nights of snuggling in your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, your skin can suffer bouts of dryness and get flaky. There is more to winter skincare than just taking care of your face, you need to have a good body care routine too. The sudden drop in temperatures, artificial indoor heating and cold air can irritate already dry skin. Which is why we’ve put together a head to toe winter moisturising regimen to help you get rid of dry winter skin, for good.


01. Face cream

Face cream

Harsh winter conditions directly attack your skin’s protective barrier and leave it dry and flaky. Your ideal face moisturiser should be a lightweight formula that forms a moisture barrier on your skin and nourishes it without leaving it greasy or sticky.

BB picks: Lakme Peach Milk Ultra Light Gel


02. Hydrating body lotion

Hydrating body lotion

Skin is the biggest organ of your body, so the key to taking care of it during winters is to load up on hydration. Fast-absorbing, lightweight and hydrating lotions can be an excellent way to quench thirsty skin without leaving it too greasy. Make sure to slather them on as soon as you are out of the shower. The sooner you put moisture back in cleansed, parched skin, the better!

BB picks: St. Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E & Avocado Body Lotion


03. Softening body cream

Softening body cream

Some areas of the body may not be satisfied with just a hydrating lotion. For stubborn dry patches like the elbows, knees, ankles or feet, you need a thick cream to remedy that. Usually formulated with emollients, these creams can be massaged into the areas for instant softening and relieving of dryness.

BB picks: Pond’s Moisturising Cold Cream


45. Repairing foot cream

Repairing foot cream

Don’t be fooled ladies, cracked heels don’t just affect your grandmas, they can creep up on your youthful skin as well. Include a repairing foot cream in your nighttime routine, massage well and cover up with cotton socks to wake up with pretty and nourished feet in the morning!

BB picks: Vaseline Derma Care Cracked Foot Repair Cream


05. A smoothing hand cream

smoothing hand cream

Your hands might just be the most ignored part of your body during winters. Constant hand washing and daily chores can cause significant moisture loss from your hands. They are also more prone to wrinkling and looking dull if left dry for a long time. Keeping a smoothing, anti-bacterial hand cream by your side at all times can help keep them nourished, flake-free and germ-free.

BB picks: Vaseline Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream