We’re eagerly awaiting the winters so we can snuggle in our cosy layers and sip on yummy hot cocoa. But when it comes to our skin, winter might not be its favourite season (to put it lightly). The drop in temperature wreaks havoc on the skin, leaving it tight, rough and flaky. We know you’re having flashbacks of your dry, chapped, and chafing skin from last year. But fret not, you’ve got us now — and we’re here to help. Here are five tips you must follow to prevent your skin from surrendering to the unforgiving winter weather.


01. Body lotions are non-negotiable

Body lotions are non-negotiable

This ones a no-brainer! Body lotions provide much-need hydration to your skin. Due to a lack of moisture in the air during winters, our skin starts to feel dry and is prone to chafing, bleeding, and cracking. An ultra-hydrating body lotion like the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion deserves the top spot in your vanity come winter. Infused with shea butter, pure cocoa, and Vaseline jelly, this one locks in moisture into the skin and reveals it’s natural glow. Plus, it’s non-greasy and fast absorbing too. Win-win!


02. Switch to a cream-based face wash

Switch to a cream-based face wash

Swap your regular face wash with a cream-based one. Cream-based products are far more effective at soothing dry, rough, and sensitive skin during the winters. They nourish and protect the skin as well. You can use the Lakmé Strawberry Creme Face Wash to rid your skin of its lacklustre complexion. Enriched with strawberry antioxidants, this one is super gentle on the skin and gives you a blush-like glow as well.


03. Shower with lukewarm water

Shower with lukewarm water

There’s something so comforting about steaming water rolling off your skin as temperatures dwindle outside; but, hey, this is no good for you! Excessively hot water strips our skin of its natural oils, which is essential to maintain the moisture of your skin. Whenever possible, take lukewarm showers only. If you’re tempted to take hot water showers, make sure they last no longer than 10 minutes.


04. Use overnight treatments

Use overnight treatments

Your skin repairs and regenerates during the night. When you apply a product to your skin and let it sit for the night, you’re allowing your skin to reap all of its benefits wholly. Since your skin is most receptive at night, overnight treatments are ideal. Include a hydrating, radiance-inducing night cream like Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Brightening Night Cream in your nighttime skincare regimen. It’s infused with star ingredients like allantoin, glycerine, vitamin B3 and microcrystals that instantly brighten the skin and intensely nourish it through the night.


05. Shave with extra caution

Shave with extra caution

Do not shave before a shower. And don’t shave before exfoliating. Shaving on dry skin can, literally, dry your skin, and lead to flakiness. While bathing, exfoliate by rubbing a loofah on your skin to scrape off any dead cells - this unclogs your pores, and allows the water to hydrate your skin. Your hair is comparatively pliable and softer after a bath. Run your razor under a tap for a minimum of ten seconds. Always use a cream-based product to layer your skin, and shave in the direction of the growth of your hair. Don’t shave too harshly.