What Causes Acne In Monsoon And How To Treat It

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
What causes acne in monsoon and how to treat it
Dealing with seasonal skin woes is not that difficult. An added step of exfoliation here or a simple mattifying hack there and you are ready to take on any challenges. And now that the monsoon season has arrived, it’s about time you make the necessary updates. A common skin concern in the rainy season is worsened acne - attributed mainly to the increased humidity in the air. This is especially true for people with acne-prone or combination skin. Don’t let the downpour ruin your plans or skin. Here are five ways to stay pimple-free this monsoon!

01. Cleanse with an antimicrobial wash

05. Stay hydrated and avoid oily foods

Moisture in the air, when combined with the heat, makes your skin oily and greasy - the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The sticky skin also invites dirt and excessive sweating, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Update your face washing regimen by including an antimicrobial wash like the Lever Ayush Anti Pimple Turmeric Face Wash. Packed with the antiseptic properties of turmeric combined with the deep oil-cleansing properties of Nalpamaradi Tailam, this face wash provides a deep cleanse every time your skin feels icky and keeps pimples at bay.


02. Steam your face

05. Stay hydrated and avoid oily foods

Since your skin is already sensitive because of the humidity, you might want to cut back on external exfoliants. Instead, steam your face to open up the pores and increase blood circulation. It is recommended not to touch your face too much or rub it with a towel after steaming. Only dab dry!


03. Don’t skimp on moisturiser and SPF

05. Stay hydrated and avoid oily foods

A lot of you might give the moisturiser and SPF a skip in the rainy season. Thick moisturisers can feel a little heavy because there is already a film of oil on your face due to the increased humidity. And the cloudy weather is no excuse to skip on SPF either. Instead, use a lifting moisturiser that has SPF in it. The Lakme Absolute Ideal Tone Refinishing Day Creme SPF 50 PA +++ is a gentle formula with pineapple fruit extracts that protects from sun damage and external aggressors like dust and humidity.


04. Cut down on makeup

05. Stay hydrated and avoid oily foods

Monsoons might be an excellent time to take on a skin detox. Wearing makeup and getting caught in the rain is a recipe for disaster. Cut down on layers of foundation and sport the no-makeup look for a while. If you do wear makeup, which feels greasy at the end of the day, remove it properly and follow up with the Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing All Over Toner. This added step with help in mattifying your skin and banishing acne-causing nastiness from your face!


05. Stay hydrated and avoid oily foods

05. Stay hydrated and avoid oily foods

Your skin is already suffering on the outside with all the downpour, make sure you keep the insides balanced to take the pressure off. Apart from water, beverages like peppermint tea and kadha have proven to keep skin infections away.

Make sure you’re washing your leafy vegetables properly before consuming them. Watch your consumption of spicy foods, dairy and summer fruits like mangoes — they can cause your skin to secrete more oil than usual, leading to breakouts.

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