As a skincare enthusiast you may have come across this product called facial mist. And lately, you’ve been hearing a lot about it. Wondering what the hype is all about and what does a facial mist do for your skin? You’ve come to the right place!

For starters, facial mist gives your skin an instant dose of hydration. It keeps you and your face feeling fresh all day long. The Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist is the perfect product for summer, it forms an antioxidant shield to protect your skin from environmental aggressors. In this article we will tell you five ways to use a facial mist this summer to keep your skin fresh and glowing.


01. Wakes up your skin

Wakes up your skin

You know how you don’t really wake up until the first cup of coffee touches your lips in the morning? Well, consider face mist like coffee for your skin. Spritzing a little bit of it at any time during the day will assist your skin in waking up and feeling rejuvenated.


02. Increases absorption

Increases absorption

Did you know dampening your skin with a face mist before applying moisturiser increases its absorption powers? That’s right, make facial mist an important part of your skin care routine and spray it morning and night before applying your moisturiser to ensure your skin receives all the goodness mentioned on the packaging.


03. Correct cakey makeup

Correct cakey makeup

You know how sometimes you end up applying a little more makeup than required? Or maybe you are using a new foundation and it looks cakey on your skin. This can be corrected with the help of a facial mist too! Instead of wiping it all off, spray some mist and gently tap with a makeup sponge to blend it for a natural finish.


04. Refresh your makeup

Refresh your makeup

Heading from work to a party and have no time in between to redo your makeup? With a facial mist in your bag you don’t have to! Summers can make your skin look really tired and oily in a few hours, spritz some facial mist to refresh your makeup and give it a new lease on life.


05. Instant hydration

Instant hydration

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the most important jobs of a facial mist is to hydrate your face. Summer can make your skin dehydrated and dull, spritzing a facial mist on your face every few hours will keep it supple, hydrated and prevent premature signs of ageing.