5 Common Winter Beauty Myths: Busted

Written by Anyuktha NallaniAug 18, 2022
5 common winter beauty myths: Busted

Agh! How we long for winters during sunny days when the scorching sun hits our face. But as soon as winters arrive, we complain about our hair getting brittle, skin getting dry and lips chapping. It's true, winter self-care is tricky but there are so many myths about it we’re all guilty of believing. So here we are debunking five winter myths for you to help keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing this winter season.


Myth #1: Thick creams are always more moisturising

Myth #5: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised during winter

Have you ever scooped out a thick moisturiser from its box and thought “Hmmm… this is thick, which means it is hella moisturising and will make my skin feel like butter”? Well of course, not in those exact words but we tend to assume thicker face creams and moisturisers are the best choices for winters. However, what we don’t realise is that just because a product seems more concentrated, doesn’t mean it’s more moisturising. Always remember that your choice of winter moisturiser should depend on your skin type and its needs. If your skin needs extra hydration, it’s better to layer it with serum and a light moisturiser. On the other hand, if your skin is naturally dry and scaly, then using a thick moisturiser will help.


Myth #2: Hot showers moisturise the skin

Myth #5: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised during winter

Nothing better than a steamy hot shower after a long day, right? We get it, but it's doing you more harm than good. Hot water can strip natural and essential oils from the skin, leaving it drier. At the same time, avoiding hot showers during winter is just not an option we’re okay with. So, alternatively, the solution is to reduce the duration of your hot shower. The less time your skin is exposed to scalding hot water, the better. Or better, decrease the temperature a little and settle for lukewarm water these few months. Additionally, try to use appropriate winter skincare products like creams and moisturisers specifically made for dry skin in winter.


Myth #3: Winter means no sunscreen

Myth #5: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised during winter

We grew up thinking that sunscreen is a beach day or sports day essential and it is one of the most common skincare fallacies that sunscreen isn't essential during winters. However, that’s only partly true. Our skin needs SPF protection just as much on gloomy and cosy winter days. The sun’s harmful rays are present all year long, regardless of how much sunlight there is. Even the darkest days call for a good amount of sunscreen layering. So, make sure to add sunscreen to your winter skincare routine like NOW!


Myth #4: Haircare routine remains the same in winter

Myth #5: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised during winter

Communicate with your hair and understand its needs. Haircare changes with seasonality, location and various other factors. Your tresses require extra love in the winter months. For example: replacing oils with moisturising butter helps to protect your locks’ moisture levels.


Myth #5: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised during winter

Myth #5: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised during winter

Oily skin or not, moisturisation is essential during winter because the air is very cold and dry. Every skin type needs a good moisturiser to create a protective shield against external factors like pollution and grime. So for oily skin, use a light formula such as oil-free or gel based creams such as Pond’s Super Light Gel Face Moisturiser to ensure that your skin remains adequately hydrated despite the lack of moisture in the winter air.

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