The ideal winter skincare routine not only takes care of your facial skin but also your body. The drop in temperatures, indoor heating, lack of moisture in the air and lack of humidity can cause dryness in the skin. While most of you may have a good skincare routine in place to take care of dry skin patches on the face, body care might sometimes get ignored. The practice of skipping post-shower body routine is a big no-no in the winter season because it can leave your skin dry, damaged and irritated. Having said that, winter dryness can present itself in different ways for different skin types, which is why you need to pick the perfect lotion specifically formulated for your skin type. Here is a list of our favourite lotions for winter, based on your skin type.


01. Dull and tired skin

Ponds Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion

Winter skin that is lacking nutrient-rich TLC can start to look dull and tired very quickly. The Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion is formulated with vitamins B3, E and C to give your skin a dose of radiance-boosting ingredients daily. Regular use helps repair damaged skin cells and leaves it soft, smooth and glowing.


02. Exposed and damaged skin

Vaseline Healthy Bright Sun Pollution Protection Body Lotion SPF 30

Some experts believe that sun damage is heightened in the winters due to skipping sun protection during the colder months. If your skin is exposed to the sun every day, we suggest you slather on Vaseline Healthy Bright Sun + Pollution Protection Body Lotion SPF 30 to protect it from sun damage. The formula also helps reverse sun-damage on the skin and protects from other forms of environmental damage.


03. Oily skin

Dove Light Hydration Body Lotion

Oily skin types might wish to skip the lotion in favour of not feeling greasy under their clothes all day. However, the lightweight and intensely hydrating formula of the Dove Light Hydration Body Lotion removes those reservations. It is fast-absorbing, non-sticky and can provide moisturisation 10 layers deep into your skin.


04. Irritated skin

Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Aroma Soothe and Serene Body Lotion

Excessively dry skin that is devoid of hydration can lead to inflammation and irritation. The Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Aroma Soothe and Serene Body Lotion will help calm overly irritated skin while making you smell like a meadow. The oil-based formula is also perfect for someone who needs extra hydration on excessively dry and patchy areas like the elbows and knees.


05. Dehydrated skin

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Body Lotion

If your skin tends to lose a lot of moisture very quickly, it can even become thirsty and dry even if you have some kind of moisturiser on. Opt for the 12-hour moisture-locking formula of the Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturizer Body Lotion to help solve that. The milky texture feels luxurious, and the mild scent is just right for cosy winter days spent curled up under layers of blankets!