Face Benefits Of Using Sunscreen Lotion: The Best In 2022

Written by Anushka ShahNov 10, 2022
Face Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion: The Best in 2022

Now that you’ve heard all about winter creams and why they’re essential to save your skin from flakiness and cracks, we’re here to tell you about the flipside; how the scorching sun can dehydrate your skin. Yes, the truth is that even summers are equally capable of making your skin scaly and dry. Wonder why? Well, the summer heat catalyzes perspiration which in return, creates loss of moisture from your skin. And that’s exactly why long durations spent outside the home during summer months (yes, during your vacay expeditions) can steal the skin of essential hydration, making it dry and sensitive. 

However, to keep your dermis guarded from all the dryness drama, we’ve got your back and of course, your skin, which is why we’re throwing light on the best benefits of using sunscreen lotion. After all, the SPF doesn’t only make a great BFF but also its creamy texture and infused goodness gives your skin the shielding it needs!  

So scroll and get ready to roll (this summer) for the best benefits of using sunscreen lotion await you.  

Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion Basics  

Prance under the sun fearlessly for here’s all you need  

1. Hydrates Skin  

best Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion

Now that Khole Karadashian has introduced us to the new-age way of staying hydrated and trendy; the XXL motivating water bottle, let’s also tell you that your skin requires the same hydration when the summer months are in action. Essential moisture and nutrients can leak out of your skin in the summer season. This can lead to issues like ashy patches, dull skin, patchy skin and tightness, which will, in turn, might keep you from wearing breathable summer outfits like airy skirts and sleeveless tops.  Slathering on a sunscreen lotion can keep it feeling supple, bouncy and looking oh-so-attractive! Being one of the best benefits of using sunscreen lotion, here’s how you can achieve that runway gloss while hydrating your skin. And if you’re looking for a trustable name, we’ve got you all covered there too with our fav, the Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen. Doing the most for your skin, the high 50 SPF not only absorbs 97% of UVB rays but also gives a natural finish to the skin. So, Get your hands on this and get summer ready and hydrated instantly!  

2. Keeps skin nourished for long  

best Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion

Who likes those sunscreen lotions that constantly need to be reapplied? No one. Which is why? One of the best benefits of using a good sunscreen lotion is that it not only hydrates the skin but also locks in moisture and nourishment that is provided by the body. Not letting you lose your natural oils while adding to the organic goodness, a great lotion; the Lakme Peach Milk SPF24 Sunscreen Lotion. This sunscreen for dry skin has peach milk extracts; a nourishment hero, vitamin C for even skin tone and SPF24 that deflects UV rays. What’s better? Working to keep your skin happy and soft all day long, we swear by there one!

3. Calms down the effect of prickly heat

best Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion

Ever been at the beach, drinking your juice and getting those pics for the gram’ when your skin begins to annoy you like no tomorrow. A total vibe killer, when your skin is exposed to the hot sun, it can  start to sting and irritate, especially if you tend to go out a lot. Which is why, getting your hands on a sunscreen lotion infused with calming and cooling ingredients can keep your skin sting-free even on super-hot days. So, get a taste of the winters even in the summers with this best benefit of using  a sunscreen lotion!  

  4. Avoids summer rashes  


best Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion

One of the best benefits of using sunscreen lotion has to be what’s common knowledge; avoid summer rashes. In the heaty days, there are two types of people: those who want to stay in or those who want to do the most by getting sporty, like working out, swimming and other outdoor sports. And while these are super fun, they can be harsh on the skin. From sweat clogging hair follicles to pool water drying out your skin, summer rashes only get more prevalent as the heat intensifies. Using a cooling and refreshing body lotion can help keep summer rashes at bay. 

FAQs about Benefits of Using Sunscreen Lotion  

Erasing your queries, one question at a time 

Q1  I have oily skin, should I still use a sunscreen lotion? 

A1 Yes, you should use a sunscreen lotion that has several benefits. However, to complement your greasy skin don’t opt for a regular sunscreen go in for gel or water-based and/or non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic options. If you’re still confused, it’s best to consult your dermatologist. 

Q2 If my foundation has SPF can I skip applying a sunscreen lotion? 

No, there are plethora of SPF-foundations in the market and while they do what they say, they by no chance can alter how a sunscreen lotion preps and protects the skin. So, you can use both together but using just the foundation will not give you the shielding you want.  

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