Here’s why steaming the face is beneficial during the monsoon season

Written by Sumona BoseJun 16, 2020

It is not enough to just splash some water on your face to it clean it this monsoon. Increased humidity, germs and moisture in the air can lead to nasty skin infections. The lack of adequate sunlight and an increase in humidity levels can cause your skin to produce more oil and lead to acne and break-outs. Thus, It’s essential to pay more attention to your face in order to keep it feeling healthy and maintain the glow. One of the best ways to do that is by steaming your face regularly.

Benefits of steaming your face during monsoon

Steaming your face can have multiple benefits for your skin during the gloomy monsoon season. A steaming session of 10 minutes can open up your pores and sucks out oil and dirt from deep within. Monsoon humidity can often lead to clogged pores which can be taken care of by face steaming; it gets rid of trapped sebum and eliminates dead skin. Steaming can also improve blood circulation in your face.

How to enhance your face steaming experience during the monsoon season

Whether you’re using a bowl of hot water or a steamer, there are several ways to enhance your face steaming experience during the rainy season. 

  • Add a couple of drops of essential oils: Antifungal essential oils like neem, thyme, cinnamon, oregano, clove and mint are effective ingredients to fight skin infections caused in monsoon. 

  • Use a warm towel: If you have sensitive skin, use a warm towel to steam your face. Drench a cotton towel in water, place it on your face and relax for a couple of minutes. You can use your favourite essentials with this method too. 

  • Use herbs in hot water bowls: Much like essential oils, certain herbs can also heighten your face steaming experience. Rosemary is known for its many glow-boosting benefits and calming can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Take your pick!

  • Use tea as your base: Beau-teas not only have major benefits for your health but also your skin. Green tea or a refreshing blend of peppermint tea can be used as a base, especially for electric steamers. They also contain polyphenols which are beneficial for the skin. 

  • Pre-steam prep: Drink water before starting your steaming session and cover your eye area with cotton pads. Once your face is cool after the steam, rub it with an ice cube to shrink the pores and slather on a moisturiser!