While it is easy to believe that only harsh winters can dehydrate the skin, the truth is that even summers are equally capable of making your skin look dry and scaly. The summer heat causes a lot of sweat, which results in loss of moisture from your skin. Long durations spent outside the home during summer months can also sap the skin of essential hydration, making it dry and sensitive. Skin that has its moisture barrier compromised is more prone to issues like infections and rashes. The humidity during long summer months can tempt you to skip your skincare routine altogether, what with greasy moisturisers weighing down the skin and leaving it sticky. But it is essential to provide the skin with the necessary moisture it needs to stay hydrated.

The best body lotion for keeping your skin hydrated is one that is lightweight, offers freshness and imparts a variety of benefits to stressed, summer skin.

summer skincare routine.

1.  Hydrates skin: Essential moisture and nutrients can leak out of your skin in the summer season. This can lead to issues like ashy patches, dull skin, patchy skin and tightness, which will, in turn, might keep you from wearing breathable summer outfits like skirts and sleeveless tops. Slathering on a body lotion for dry skin can keep it looking supple, bouncy and oh-so-attractive!

2. Keeps skin nourished for long hours: A good summer body lotion not only hydrates the skin but also locks in moisture and nourishment that is provided by the body from the inside. This helps keep your skin happy and soft all day long.

3. Calms down the effects of prickly heat: When your skin is exposed to the hot sun, it can start to sting and irritate, especially if you tend to go out a lot. Using a body lotion infused with calming and cooling ingredients can keep your skin sting-free even on super hot days.

4. Avoid summer rashes: Summer activities like working out, swimming and other outdoor sports can prove to be harsh on the skin. From sweat clogging hair follicles to pool water drying out your skin, summer rashes only get more prevalent as the heat intensifies. Using a cooling and refreshing body lotion can help keep summer rashes at bay.

summer skincare routine.

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