Our skin starts changing as the summer heat rolls in, and we keep looking for the best summer skin care tips to protect our skin. Isn't that so? Excess heat and humidity throughout the day in summer can lead to rashes, sunburn, tans, and acne – which are all signs that your skin needs more protection. Winter skin problems, on the other hand, include dry, flaky skin that needs extra moisturisation. And rainy season skin allergies are more common when it's pouring outside. To avoid unwanted summer and winter skin problems, make sure your skincare game is on point. Here are some natural skin care tips to keep in mind for different skincare concerns during seasonal changes.  

Can You avoid Tanning? How can you get rid of it?  

The best way to prevent tanning is to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours when you're outdoors. The sunscreen should have a minimum of SPF 30.  

The importance of UV protection can never be overstated in any skincare routine, and it's especially important in the summer months since daylight is longer and we spend more time outdoors. This is one of the most important summer skin care tips that you shouldn’t skip.  

Apply Sunscreen to Get Protected from UV Rays  

Apply SPF every day to exposed areas, including your hands, neck, chest, and ears. In summer, people spend a lot more time outdoors, so it is especially crucial to reapply sunscreen every two hours.  

In order to get adequate protection, you need to apply enough sunscreen. Even if you stay indoors most of the time, you should wear good sunscreen with SPF 30-50 in the summer months. It is also important that you apply it when you go swimming.   

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What is a good routine to follow for acne-prone skin?  

Follow these oily skin care tips for a good routine

Cleanse your skin twice and use gentle skin cleansers 

Your skincare routine should always begin with a good cleanser, no matter what your skin type is. When you have acne-prone skin, you should cleanse twice a day. This will help eliminate all kinds of impurities, dirt, and excess oil, which cause acne, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. We recommend using Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash For Oily & Acne-prone Skin. It deeply cleanses and purifies your skin by clearing away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. 

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Tone your skin twice a day after cleansing 

To open up your pores, apply toner after you've cleaned your face. In this way, the skin is ready to absorb the products correctly and is prepared for the next step. Toning also reduces oil production, fights blemishes, and removes blackheads from the skin. You can use Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist which is a soothing, hydrating mist to calm redness and sensitivity. It helps create a shield against environmental assaults, and synergistically relieves and restores skin while fighting future flare-ups. 

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Moisturise twice a day 

It is very important to hydrate your skin with a moisturiser irrespective of what your skin type is. It is therefore essential to moisturise twice a day.  

You may already be using topical acne treatments, which means that your skin is likely to be dehydrated. To prevent dry, peeling skin, apply a light moisturiser twice a day, morning and evening. Follow the toner with Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Spf30 Face Moisturiser And Sunscreen For Oily Skin

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Don’t skip sunscreen 

Sun protection is essential for your skin. There are more benefits to wearing sunscreen than just protecting yourself from sunburn. You are less likely to develop premature dark spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. 

You can find a lot of good sunscreens available today that do not clog pores or cause acne to worsen. Many acne medications increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. In order to maintain good skin health, you should wear sunscreen daily.  

We recommend using Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster Spf 50 that contains Green Tea and Grape Seed extracts that form an invisible shield against skin-damaging environmental factors.  

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Exfoliate your skin weekly 

Acne is a skincare problem that must be addressed at its root – in the pore. By exfoliating regularly, excess skin cells and oil are removed from the pores. Skin exfoliation removes dead skin cells, prevents comedones from forming, and softens the skin. 

The Simple Daily Skin Detox Clear Pore Facial Scrub helps to eliminate pore-clogging dirt, oil and make-up and leaves skin purified. It is enriched with thyme, zinc and witch hazel, and is tailor-made for oily, acne-prone skin.  

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Can You suggest a summer-friendly diet for glowing skin?  

The health benefits of fruits and vegetables go beyond their refreshing properties; they help prevent many seasonal skin diseases and keep you healthy.  Try having these summer fruits and vegetables if you want your skin to look healthy and glowing.   

  1. Watermelon 

  1. Tomatoes 

  1. Spinach 

  1. Blueberries 

  1. Oranges 

  1. Avocado 

  1. Bananas 

  1. Cucumber 

  1. Carrots 

  1. Almonds 

  1. Mangoes 

  1. Yoghurt  

  1. Green tea 

  1. Cherries 

  1. Zucchini  

  1. Bell peppers 

  1. Sweet potatoes  

How do you deal with excessive sweating and body odours?  

If you are dealing with excess body odour, there are a few homemade skin care tips that you can follow.  

The best way to combat body odour is to mix hydrogen peroxide and water. To make the solution, mix one teaspoon of peroxide (3%) with a cup of water (8 ounces). Take a washcloth and wipe this mixture on the affected areas (for example, the underarms, feet, etc). Odour-causing bacteria may be destroyed by this process.  

Wash your workout clothes often if sweat is the leading cause of body odour. Bacteria breed in sweaty clothes.  

Eat a healthier diet. Keep away from food that causes body odour. However, if you intend to make drastic changes to your diet, speak with your doctor or dietitian first. 

Consult your doctor if you suffer from excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis. If you want more aggressive treatment for severe sweating, there are some options. Excessive sweating can also be caused by certain medical conditions. A doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatments for you.  

Pro Tip: Follow a Healthy and Nutritious Diet   

The following summer and winter skin care homemade tips will help you stay healthy during seasonal changes. 

  1. Pick up some seasonal fruits and vegetables 

Nowadays, most fruits and vegetables are available year-round; consuming seasonal foods, however, has its own benefits. Ensure that you always pick freshly harvested foods to get the most benefits. Mangoes, berries, plums, oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, celery, etc., are all good for you. 

  1. Reduce the size of your meal   

Due to the hot weather in summer, food takes longer to digest and you can't eat too much. The best thing to do at night is to avoid heavy meals at night. 

  1. Drink fresh juice instead of cold drinks 

Summer makes you thirstier often, which causes you to drink more cold drinks and energy drinks that can cause health problems over time. You can drink different juices, such as orange juice or melon juice whenever you feel thirsty. 

  1. Make sure you eat more body-cooling foods 

Keep yourself hydrated and cool by eating more body-cooling foods. Be sure to eat more watermelon, coconut water, sesame, mint, fennel seeds, cucumbers, and other healthy foods.

  1. Choose lighter snacks to binge on 

Put down those fried snacks you ate during winters; snack on nuts, seeds, trail mixes, fruits, and other lighter options instead. 

  1. Stay hydrated 

Keeping your body hydrated and functioning at its best is extremely important, so be sure to drink plenty of water every day. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day. Drinking extremely cold water will only harm your health.   


How to maintain your skincare routine in summer?  

Follow a skincare routine every day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Cleanse, tone, and moisture your skin. This basic routine is called the CTM routine. Additionally, to maintain your skincare routine, practice these things to keep your skin healthy. 

  • Make sure you stay hydrated. 

  • Every week, change your pillow cases. 

  • Make sure your hair is washed or wrapped up before you go to bed. 

  • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out every day. 

Does the skin change with the seasons?  

Did you know that your skin changes with different seasons, leading to seasonal skin allergy? The humidity and temperature will rise again as the weather continues to warm. Dirt and dead skin cells may accumulate on the surface of your skin, causing it to feel oilier and heavier. 

What's the Difference Between Winter and Summer Skincare?  

When it comes to winter skincare, hydration, rejuvenation & protection are all important considerations. Rich, soothing creams are ideal for moisturizing and healing the skin. To remove pollutants and impurities during the summer, use a light foaming or gel cleanser.