Winter is undeniably the best season of the year. No scorching heat, tanning and most importantly, no sweat (phew!). You can snuggle in a cozy blanket with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the chilly air. However, it isn’t such a happy time for your skin. When the temperature drops, your skin loses its moisture and becomes dull and flaky, thanks to the dry winter air.

Although using a good moisturiser is a no brainer, your skin needs extra TLC and nourishment to brave the cold air. If a moisturising face oil is missing from your winter skincare shelf, it’s time to add it before the harsh winds blow the moisture away.

We happen to have the recipe for a miracle face oil that you can DIY using just three-ingredients and keep your skin healthy and moisturised even in the chilliest of months. Here is how you can make it. 


How to:

How to:

All you need to DIY this face oil is argan oil, carrot seed oil and lavender essential oil.

Step 01: Take an empty oil bottle and fill it two-third with argan oil.

Step 02: Now, fill the bottle with your nourishing oil that is carrot seed oil.

Step 03: Put in five to six drops of lavender essential oil in the mixture and mix all three ingredients with a stick or toothpick.

Step 04: A blend of these three oils will make a dryness-combatting elixir you can use all through winter.

Step 05: Cleanse your face every night and slather a small amount of this DIY oil on your face and wake up to well-moisturised and glowing skin every morning.  

If you don't have all the ingredients at home or are too lazy, a thick moisturiser such as the Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream work wonders. Enriched with glycerine, it helps to eliminate dry and flaky skin in just a few uses.