Dry brushing has gained many takers in recent years. It’s a great way to exfoliate your skin, improve circulation, and even fight cellulite—no gym membership needed. This technique offers a lot of skin and health benefits, which is why we urge you to incorporate it in your skincare routine Especially in the winters when your skin is dry and flaky and in dire need of exfoliation.

Eager to give this method a try? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

how to dry brush your flaky skin this winter Step by step guide1

How to:

Step 01: Always dry brush while you’re in the shower, but do not turn on the water just yet.

Step 02: Using a coarse bristle dry brush, start from the top of your feet and brush upwards, towards your heart. Don’t forget to dry brush your back, because that one place that tends to have a lot of dead skin build-up.

Step 03: Once you have completed this process, you’ll feel a little warm — that’s because dry brushing increases blood circulation. Turn on the shower and take a bath like you normally would.

Step 04: Use a gentle, non-stripping body wash to slough away dead skin cells. Ensure that the body wash does not have any gritty or exfoliating particles.

Step 05: Once you are done with the shower, towel dry your body using patting motions; do not rub.

Step 06: Finish off this process by slathering on a generous amount of your moisturiser.