Winter is finally here and we are all set to enjoy it! The cold weather, the warm clothes, the hot chocolate and of course, a bit of sangria, that’s what winter is all about! But the cold weather isn’t such a happy time for your skin and hair. Without moisturiser, chapstick and hot oil massages you can’t really survive the wrath of winter. Using heat styling tools in this weather will only damage your hair further, therefore you need to learn a few no-heat winter hairstyle that will keep you stylish this season without compromising on the health of your hair.

With all the parties lined up on your calendar we know you are running out of ideas on how to style your hair this winter. And then we’ve just told you what heat styling tools do to your hair, so what hairstyle options are you left with? You can’t function without your hair straightener and curler, right? What if we told you we have a list of no-heat winter hairstyles that are perfect to sport during this season and require no styling tools whatsoever! Want to know what these are? Read on!


1. Bubble ponytail

Bubble ponytail

Most of us first saw bubble ponytails on Disney princesses and may have even tried them! If you have long hair and are looking for a winter hairstyle, look no further than this stylish ponytail. Simply grab all your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Now place more hair ties every few inches till you reach the end of your strands. Using your fingers pull on both sides of each section of the ponytail to make it look fuller.


2. Undone side braid

Undone side braid

Casual, easy and beautiful, that’s how we describe this super chic winter hairstyle. Your hair can get rough in winter and the best way to protect it is by braiding it, but regular, classic braids are so passé. Instead, put the mess and frizz to good use by trying this undone side braid. Simply grab all your hair on one side and loosely braid starting just below your jawline. Tug on a few sections to add to the mess and take this look anywhere you please.


3. Half-up top knot

Half-up top knot

Messy hair, do care? Trust the half-up top knot to hide all the mess, roughness and frizz that comes with winter hair. No matter what your hair length, this easy and chic hairstyle looks effortlessly great on everyone. Although we have to say this winter hairstyle looks super cute on those with short and medium hair lengths. Grab a section of hair from the crown area, and twist it to form a bun, try to keep it a little messy, place it on top of your head and secure using bobby pins.


4. Half-up twist

Half-up twist

Half-up twists are such effortlessly pretty looking hairstyles, that we call it our go-to hairstyle for every occasion! No matter what your hair texture, type or length you cannot go wrong with this one. Pair this winter hairstyle with your loose sweater or a stunning party dress and it will look good. Getting this look perfect is so easy, simple brush your hair and grab two sections from each side of your hair, twist them and secure together at the back of your head with a hair tie, pin or clip.


5. Upside down braided bun

Upside down braided bun

Now, this hairstyle for winter can be a little more difficult than the rest, especially if you don’t know how to do a Dutch braid. If you do, good news, you are going to look stylish AF this season! Tip your head upside down and brush it to remove any knots and tangles, now grab three sections of hair and start a Dutch braid. Secure your Dutch braid with a hair tie and then pull all your hair into a high ponytail. Now wrap your pony into a messy bun and secure using bobby pins. You can tease strands out of the braid a little to make it look thicker.


6. Scarf braid/ponytail

Scarf braid/ponytail

The best way to upgrade any hairstyle is by throwing in a hair accessory and winter is probably the best time of the year to do so! If you are wearing a plain, dark coloured sweater wrap a printed scarf around your ponytail or bun and add it to your braid to take a look a notch higher (tie the scarf around your ponytail and use the ends as sections in the braid).


7. High split pony

High split pony

Yes ponytails are amazing,! It's one hairstyle that never gets old and you can never go wrong with it. But does it have to be classic and boring? We think not! Bella Hadid is recognised for her long, sleek ponytails, and while you may not be able to get the sleekness without your trusted tools you can still manage to rock this look if you have straight hair naturally. Simply brush your hair to remove tangles and place your ponytail as high as possible to perfect these winter haircuts. Split the ponytail and let the two sections rest on your shoulders.

FAQs about winter hairstyles:

Q. Are braids a cool winter hairstyle?

A. Braids are definitely an amazing winter hairstyle. They protect your strands from the external dry, cold air and prevents roughness and static. You can try different braid styles such as fishtail, Dutch, French or the classic three-strand one.

Q. What hair colour is good for winter?

A. You can choose from a wide range of colours this season. Cinnamon, caramel glaze, dark burgundy and chocolate brown are some of the trendiest hair colours you can wear in winter.

Q. How to keep static out of hair this winter?

A. Static is a common problem in winter and the best way to avoid it is by making a few changes to your hair care routine. Avoid using a plastic comb, apply some serum on your hair, use deep conditioning masks and indulge in hot oil massages.

Image courtesy: Pinterest