5 skincare tips to treat your feet right this monsoon

Written by Anjali AgarwalAug 26, 2019

Let’s be real for a moment here! However fun and beautiful the monsoon season maybe, it does bring along a lot of skin problems. You don’t just have to deal with dull skin and breakouts but numerous foot problems too. Your feet get wet and dirty often, become sweaty, stinky and sometimes even swollen; all thanks to the heavy downpours. To avoid that and keep your feet healthy and pretty as ever, follow these skincare tips for feet, this rainy season. Read on...

Cleanse your feet

Foot hygiene is very important during monsoon. To do away with the stinky smell and dirt accumulated in your feet, cleanse your feet regularly and pamper them with a cleansing soak often and use a foot scrub on a weekly basis.

Wear the right footwear

Instead of wearing sneakers and heels, pick footwear that is monsoon appropriate like gumboots, rubber sandals or flip flops when you go out in rain. They are designed to keep your feet protected from water and therefore keep your feet dry. Plus, they don’t slip on the slippery roads, so win-win.

Trim your toenails

Your nails become brittle and weak and can break easily if they are wet for a long time. Also, long nails can breed bacteria due to mud and dirt accumulated in them. Trim your toenails regularly during monsoon and keep them short and clean.

Keep your feet dry

Damp and clammy feet contribute to fungal infections and that’s the last thing you’d want to get after getting drenched in rain. Wash your feet as soon as you get home, rinse off and pat dry thoroughly and moisturise well to keep them healthy and neat, not to mention infection-free.

Sleep with lavender oil on

Keep your feet moisturised with a moisturising body lotion at all times and before you go to bed slather on lavender oil on your feet. It soothes and heals cracked heels, kills bacteria and leaves your feet smelling nice and soft. And, it really helps you get peaceful sleep.