You might wear your tan lines with pride after a tropical vacation, but they are actually no good for the health of your skin. Getting tanned due to prolonged UV exposure is a sign of skin damage. Short term effects of tanning include flaking, wrinkles, brown sunspots and leathery-looking skin. As for the long term damage caused by frequent tanning, we are all aware of melanoma (a type of skin cancer).

If you wish to add warmth to your complexion, use a self-tanner or bronzer, but refrain from subjecting your skin to harmful UV damage. Here are a few tips on avoiding and dealing with tan lines this summer.


01. Cover up during peak hours

Cover up during peak hours

While we cannot expect you to cover up head to toe on hot summer days, you should most definitely avoid stepping out during peak hours between 12 pm to 3 pm. Use an umbrella or a sun coat to cover up exposed parts of your skin to avoid direct sun exposure and skin damage.


02. Apply and reapply sunscreen

Apply and reapply sunscreen

Since you will be wearing face masks, and that can give you a tan line around the mask as well, broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is an absolute must. Re-apply every 2-3 hours while outdoors, and make sure the first application is at least 45 minutes before you stepping out of the house.

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03. Keep the area moisturised

Keep the area moisturised

FYI, a sun tan can typically last between 7-10 days, post which the damaged skin will flake and fall off to reveal a new layer underneath. This flaking can often be painful and a nuisance, so make sure you are keeping the tanned skin moisturised and nourished at all times. This way, it won’t develop an unsightly appearance while it heals.

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04. Use retinol infused products

Use retinol infused products

Retinol is a superhero ingredient that promotes faster cell turnover to reveal fresh and youthful-looking skin underneath. If you wish to speed up your tan-removal process effectively and safely, use retinol-infused products to make that happen.

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05. Use makeup to mask the tan lines

Use makeup to mask the tan lines

Versatile products like body bronzers, concealers, and tinted sunscreens can help cover up all of your tanning sins. Bronzers are excellent in blurring tan lines, concealers can cover up the tan spots on your face and tinted sunscreen can even out your skin tone. So make sure to stock up on these essentials.

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