The transition from winter to summer skincare is a tricky one, and rookie mistakes can often lead to skin trouble. Since our skin won’t be subjected to the dryness caused by harsh winters anymore, and the humid summers don’t call for heavy formulas, it can be easy to be tempted to skip moisturiser altogether.

But it’s not ideal to skip body moisturisation during summer as the skin gets dehydrated due to factors like fluid loss due to sweating and exercising, swimming, spending long hours in air-conditioning, and prickly heat. But then how does one tend to skin’s seasonal needs without slathering a thick cream or lotion from head to toe? Well, the good people over at Dove have the answer!

Fast fact of Dove Cooling Gel Crème

The newly launched Dove Cooling Gel Crème has already become the holy grail for all our moisturising needs this summer, and we bet it’ll soon be a hit with you too! The lightweight feel and quick absorption action are perfect for busy summer days when you are rushing out of the house. The cooling gel cream offers 48 hours of hydration, while still maintaining a non-oily feel all day long, solving the need to keep the skin feeling soft and supple even while out and about in the scorching heat! Retailed at ₹199 for 145gm and ₹299 for 245gm respectively, the pricing is perfect for conscious shoppers, who are constantly looking for a luxurious body care experience without burning a hole in the wallet.

But apart from solving our basic summer moisturising needs and being economical, it is the gel crème’s unique formula, which offers a cooling and refreshing feel to the skin, that has us excited! Formulated with menthol and a NutriDuo Technology, it helps soothe irritation caused by the sun, while moisturising the skin deeply. It is paraben-free and uber gentle, making it suitable for even dry, sensitive skin types that suffer the most during the hot months. Plus, it is delicately fragrant with subtle floral notes that won’t be an assault on your senses nor will it eclipse the scent of your deodorant or perfume.

We are super excited to make this little tub of joy or BFF this summer and think you should do the same. Trust us when we say that this cool and smooth, and hydrating gel will not disappoint!