Winter foot care: How to keep your feet happy this winter

Written by Sanya HamdaniDec 09, 2019

Winter can be a difficult time of the year, physiologically.

Your skin feels dry and stretchy, hair is frizzy and hands feel rough. While you will apply a moisturiser, oil your hair and put on some hand cream, you will most certainly forget to take care of your feet.

Just because your feet inevitably go into hiding during the winter months does not mean they should be ignored. The temperature fluctuation outdoor and indoor can wreak havoc on your feet causing rough, dry and cracked heels that are painful to deal with. But with the right winter foot care tips, you can keep them silky, soft and smooth.

Keep them moisturised

Moisturise your feet twice a day with a rich moisturiser. This will prevent them from getting rough and dry. Allow your skin to absorb the moisturiser completely before putting on your socks or footwear. During winters, make it a habit to go to bed after moisturising your feet with a lotion or cream of your choice.

Honey and warm water therapy

Honey is a gentle and beneficial ingredient for all skin types. This humectant contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties and is a great moisturising agent. Soaking your feet in honey and warm water bath will remove dead skin, soften feet and make them smooth and silky. Repeating this once every week will keep your feet happy throughout winter.

Apply olive oil

Olive oil is easily absorbed by the skin and contains amazing nourishing properties. Massaging your feet every day for a few minutes with olive oil will help in moisturising the feet as well as improve blood circulation in the area.

Treat your feet to some olive oil this winter and notice how healthy and happy your feet look.

Wear socks

Everybody likes wearing warm, fuzzy socks in winter while they chill at home with their favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate.

This will also protect your feet from dust and pollution and the harsh cold. But ensure you are wearing cotton socks to aid good air circulation.

Thoroughly dry your footwear

Wearing damp socks, shoes and boots can invite a lot of problems for your feet. Dampness is a breeding ground for bacteria, which increases the chances of getting an infection. To avoid this, place your footwear in a dry, warm place away from direct heat source for at least 24 hours before you put them on again.