3 ways to prevent thigh chafing in summers

Written by Urvi DalalApr 21, 2021

While summer brings with it a host of skin woes, thigh chafing undoubtedly tops the list. Apart from being really painful and annoying, it can also cause a hindrance while performing everyday activities such as walking, exercising and prevent you from wearing certain clothes.

For those who don’t know, skin chafing is a rash-like inflammation, usually accompanied by itching and a sharp burning sensation. It’s caused when sweaty or damp skin rubs against each other or against clothing — and can be extremely uncomfortable while it lasts.

If inner thigh chafing is a problem that you’ve been dealing with every year, summer after summer, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for three simple yet super effective tips on how to prevent chafing this summer…

01. Use some powder

One of the first things you should do to keep chafing at bay is to keep the area as dry as possible. Dry skin is less prone to friction, which reduces chafing to a great extent. After a shower, dry the area thoroughly and then dust a generous amount of talcum powder. This will help in controlling excess sweat, thereby reducing thigh chafing to a great extent.

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02. Apply petroleum jelly

Another rule to keep chafing under control is to keep those areas of the body amply moisturised. But instead of using a lightweight body lotion, opt for something thicker in consistency like petroleum jelly. This forms a thick layer of moisture on your skin to keep the area lubricated and prevent unnecessary friction.

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03. Wear fitted clothes

Wearing loose clothes might feel super comfortable on a hot summer day, but it can increase your chances of chafing. This is because snug-fitting clothes deliver an extra layer of protection to prevent your skin from directly rubbing against one another, which is great to avoid thigh chafing in the summers.