The summer season causes a lot of stress on your skin. High temperatures, sweat and direct exposure to sunlight can result in skin inflammation, which further leads to a host of issues like redness and irritation. And if you shave your already irritated skin, it can cause razor bumps, ingrown hair and of course that itchy and stinging sensation we oh-so-hate.

But fret not; we’ve got some great shaving tips up our sleeves that will give you smooth and soft skin. Scroll down to read them all…


01. Cleanse the area

Cleanse the area

Before you go in with the razor, make sure to cleanse, exfoliate and soak the areas for a couple of minutes to soften up the hair. Cleanse with an exfoliating body wash to get rid of dirt and dead skin buildup. This helps you achieve a closer shave. Also, hair that is too hard can tag, pull and scratch your skin - leading to razor burns. Softening it up beforehand will protect your skin from rough and unforgiving body hair.

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02. Do not dry shave

Do not dry shave

Dry shaving in the summer can lead to a number of issues like skin irritation, razor burns and ingrown hair. Make sure you are always using shaving cream, preferably a thick and creamy one, instead of a gel-based one. Do not use soap as it can be excessively drying on the skin or coconut oil as it can clog the pores.


03. Do not skip the moisturiser

Do not skip the moisturiser

Moisturising your skin post-shaving is a must-do. A combination of warm water, shaving cream and small razor strokes can irritate the skin. A cooling body lotion can help put lost moisture back into your skin and soothe the inflammation caused by shaving.

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04. Limit sun exposure for a couple of days

Limit sun exposure for a couple of days

We know you’d be excited to go back to wearing those pretty sleeveless dresses post-shaving, but we suggest you limit sun exposure for a couple of days. Freshly shaved skin is still delicate and won’t be able to bear the harsh effects of the sun. Protect your body from sun exposure by covering up and applying sunscreen 45 minutes before stepping out of the house.


05. Pay close attention to your underarms

05. Pay close attention to your underarms

Your underarm area is one of the most sensitive places on your body and can be affected by shaving the most. Make sure to take proper post-shave care of your underarms. Cleanse with a gentle wash, moisturise, protect from direct UV exposure and use alcohol and paraben-free deodorants to keep problems like skin irritation and underarm dark marks at bay,

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