5 Ways To Stay Fresh As The Temperature Soars

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
5 ways to stay fresh as the temperature soars

The summer season really can do a number on your skin - high temperatures and humidity can effect how your body behaves and that can show on your skin. The heat can shock your body, send your sebaceous glands into overdrive and over excite the sweat glands. The result is an unusual increase in sweating through the day, accompanied by odour and general discomfort in your own skin. As such, your summer body care routine should always be foolproof effective, so that you can stay fresh and irritation free all day long. Here are some simple ways to do that...


Upgrade your shower routine

Stay hydrated!

It is okay to shower a couple of times a day during the summer season. Sweat that has been left on the skin for too long can lead to clogging of pores (folliculitis), resulting in tiny bumps and itchiness. Not to mention, you feel dirtier in the summer, so your shower routine needs to fix that. Include clarifying, refreshing and hydrating body cleansers, like the glycerin and mint-infused Pears Soft and Fresh Body Wash in your routine. Lather up good every time you take a bath!


Control perspiration as much as possible

Stay hydrated!

If sweat is the main reason behind feeling icky, why not eliminate it in the first place? Use an effective but gentle ( alcohol-free) deodorant on clean underarms for long-lasting sweat protection and odour control. A formula that we personally love is the Rexona Powder Dry Underarm Odour Protection Roll On. The roll-on deo helps fight odour causing bacteria for upto 48 hours, smells divine and is handy enough to take anywhere!


Slather on a lightweight lotion

Stay hydrated!

Body lotions keep your skin soothe and calm during summer while also keeping you smelling fresh. A lightweight formula like the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh Body Lotion will hydrate your skin without feeling sticky or greasy. Apply your summer lotion post a shower on damp skin to lock in moisture and keep your skin cool for long hours.


Wear breathable fabrics

Stay hydrated!

Do not suffocate your skin while it is already sweating through the day. Let your skin breathe so that your sweat dries out quickly. Stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester or spandex and stick to breathable ones like cotton and rayon.


Stay hydrated!

Stay hydrated!

Not that this one's a mystery, but staying hydrated on the inside is your best defense against summer blues. Also, dehydration can lead to other skin issues like compromised lipid barriers that will give way to seasonal infection to wreak havoc on your skin. Keep drinking water and other hydrating beverages, and maybe cut down on the alcohol and caffeine!

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