We heaved a huge sigh of relief when the monsoons finally saved us from the sweltering heat of summer. But as any beauty-savvy girl knows, monsoons bring additional responsibility to our hair and skincare. Today, we will talk about the one thing that is most neglected during the rainy season, taking good care of your feet! 

Walking through dirty water is something we all hate but have to do almost every day during monsoons. Our feet bear the brunt of it and are exposed to all sorts of dirt and pollutants floating in the water. Let’s talk about the importance of taking care of your feet and how to take care of your feet naturally. 

Taking Care of Your Feet During Monsoon Season 

Take Care of Your Feet During Monsoon Season

The importance of taking care of your feet cannot be overstated! When it rains, our feet get soaked easily. Furthermore, the rainy season contributes to a higher level of humidity, which increases your risk of becoming infected with fungal infections. During monsoon season, the wet, humid climate can also encourage certain types of fungi to grow and multiply easily. This leads to a high number of foot infections caused by fungi during the monsoon season.  

You can tell if your feet are infected if you notice these symptoms: 

  • A rise in skin temperature 

  • A change in the colour of the skin 

  • Inflammations and wounds that take a long time to heal 

  • Pain and swelling 

  • Dry skin 

  • Fever 

  • Odour 

This season brings many fungal infections because our feet are in constant contact with water. We also wear tightly closed shoes, which restricts airflow. When our skin is rubbed against the footwear it reacts and hence, we get skin infections. Infections caused by fungi during the monsoon that are common during the season are listed below. 

  • Eczema  

  • Fungal nail infection 

  • Athlete's foot  

  • Tinea Capitis 

  • Ringworm infection  

Tips on How to Take Care of your Feet and Hands 

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your hands and feet this monsoon. 

Wash your feet twice every day  

Take Care of Your Feet During Monsoon Season

We can’t stress enough the importance of washing your feet twice a day. A lot of people don’t take this seriously and only do it while taking a bath. Your feet tend to collect a lot of dirt, bacteria and sweat which, if not cleaned by the end of the day, can lead to serious infections. As soon as you get home wash your feet with soap and warm water, and don't forget the gaps between your toes! 

Exfoliate dead skin  

The chances of getting rough cracked and dry feet are higher during the monsoons. It is essential to get rid of all the dead skin cells from your feet to reveal soft and smooth skin. You can use a body exfoliator to massage your feet for a few minutes before washing them off with lukewarm water. 

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Prevent fungal growth  

Discoloration, brittle nails and fungal growth are quite common during the rainy season. Other than washing and exfoliating your feet it is also important to maintain good hygiene habits. Keep your nails short and clean, apply anti-fungal cream or mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil and apply it at night before you go to sleep. 

Indulge in a foot spa once a week  

Take Care of Your Feet During Monsoon Season

Whether you decide to DIY it or get it done at the salon, regular foot spas will keep the skin of your feet looking even toned and healthy. If you’re short on time, the least you can do is soak your feet in hot water mixed with the juice of one lemon and a few drops of a refreshing shower gel. 

Of course, taking care of your feet during the monsoons is tricky since they are prone to get exposed to diseases, germs, and dirt than other parts of your body. This is because of constant and prolonged exposure to rainwater and standing water when it rains. If you keep these tips in mind on how to take care of your feet in monsoons, your feet will thank you even when there’s a heavy downpour. 

FAQs about Taking Care of Feet During Monsoon Season  

Why you should take care of your feet during monsoon? 

In monsoon, you should avoid walking barefoot on wet grass or cold floors, regardless of how tempting it may seem. By walking barefoot, you are more likely to develop warts, as well as fungal and bacterial infections, which can be difficult to treat. This is why you should take care of your feet during monsoons. 

How to prevent foot odour in monsoon? 

If you have persistently odorous feet, soak your feet in hot water with lemon juice squeezed in. You will see long-term results if you make this a bi-weekly routine. You can use lemon not only to prevent excessive sweating but also to eliminate bad odour from your feet. 

How should I protect my feet during monsoon? 

To protect your feet from infections in monsoon, it is advised to keep an antifungal powder handy. If your feet dirty or drenched in water, apply this powder once your feet are dry. Let them breathe before you put on the shoes.  

Do foot infections spread? 

Yes, they do. If you leave a foot infection untreated, it will lead to cellulitis, which is a serious infection that easily spreads to your bloodstream and lymph nodes.