The Only Skincare Tips You Need To Keep Dry And Dull Skin At Bay This Winter

Written by Sanya HamdaniJun 28, 2022
The only skincare tips you need to keep dry and dull skin at bay this winter

Winter season is soon approaching! While you’ve already pulled out your layers from behind the closet and shopped for cute sweaters online, have you tweaked your skincare routine to brace for the colder months? Come winter, the skin tends to get dry and flaky, making your face look dull. The sudden drop in temperature can compromise your skin’s barrier, leading to tightness, itchiness, fine lines, increased breakouts and even rashes *yikes*.

But fret not ladies, we’ve got some incredible skincare tips up our sleeves that will keep dry and flaky skin at bay, and add a healthy glow to your face this winter.


01. Use a gentle cleanser


Masks have become an integral part of our lives. But while keeping us protected amid the pandemic, these masks have also invited a new skin problem — maskne (acne caused by wearing masks for longer durations). Using a harsh cleanser can strip the skin of moisture and leave it feeling dry and tight, leading to further irritation and inflammation. Thus, make sure to wash your face using a gentle cleanser and also, don’t forget to wash your face mask after every, we repeat, every use.

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02. Apply calming moisturiser


Just because it's winter does not mean you need to slather your skin with heavy moisturisers. In fact, most heavy moisturisers can clog the pores and cause breakouts. A light moisturiser formulated with hydrating ingredients can do a great job at keeping dryness and flaky skin at bay.

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03. Implement hyaluronic acid


Another skincare ingredient you can depend on during winter to keep skin healthy and nourished is hyaluronic acid. It retains water in the skin thereby keeping the tissues well lubricated and moist. There are many ways to include this ingredient in your skincare routine — you can use a moisturiser, night cream or even a sheet mask formulated with hyaluronic acid to keep winter skin woes at bay.

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04. Eat foods rich in vitamin A


Apart from using gentle and calming skincare products, eating foods rich in vitamin A can also strengthen the skin’s barrier and give your skin that healthy, lit-from-within glow. Foods like tomato, sweet potato, carrots, spinach, egg yolk, dried apricots are all rich in vitamin A.


05. Use face massaging tools


Lastly, if you don’t already, get your hands on a face massaging tools like a jade roller or gua sha stone to improve blood circulation and tone your face. Even if you don’t have any tools, light massaging your face with your fingers every morning and night with clean hands can make a lot of difference and strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.

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