How To Detoxify Your Skin At Home For Summers

Written by Nida SayyedJul 28, 2022
How To Detoxify Your Skin At Home For Summers

Summer brings with it a lot of unwanted skin troubles. From clogged pores and acne to greasy T-zones, we’ve experienced them all. But, your skin tends to get exceptionally dull, tan and tired in summers and every now and then, you need a little detox to keep your skin looking bright and healthy. Here are four tricks and tips to keep your skin looking its best self even under the harsh sun.


1. Exfoliate regularly

4. Use lightweight gels to hydrate your skin

It’s no secret that the sun can severely damage your skin. It can have deep effects as it can impact your immunity and energy levels directly. But what suffers the most in summers is the exterior layer of our skin. UV rays from the sun damage skin cells and form a film of dead cells on top of your skin. This ends up making your skin dull.

It’s important to brush off that layer of dead cells on the surface and that’s where exfoliation comes in. Scrubbing your skin and body gently buffs away the unwanted dirt and grime on your skin to reveal smooth, bright and radiant skin. A summer staple in team BB’s books is the St. Ives Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub & Mask. It soothes sunburns and gently removes dead cells and dirt. It’s so mild that it works wonderfully on every skin tone. For severe irritation or redness, you can also leave it on as a relaxing mask.



2. Use clay masks

4. Use lightweight gels to hydrate your skin

Face masks are a great way to fix greasy skin concerns in merely 15-20 minutes. For summer skin detox, pick clay masks that will draw out impurities from deep within and leave your skin feeling and looking fresh.

Our favourite is the Lakmé 9to5 Vitamin C+ Clay Mask for clear and matte skin. Its main components are bentonite and kaolin clay, which remove the stubbornest gunk from your pores and leave your skin looking flawless.


3. Drink plenty of water

4. Use lightweight gels to hydrate your skin

Dehydration is real in summers. It can intensify darkness and shadows on your face and bring down the overall appearance of your skin. Hence, it is very important to drink an adequate amount of water daily. Ideally, an average adult should consume around 2.5 litres of water. However, it’s not easy to keep sipping water throughout the day. So, try to include food items high in water content in your diet.

Cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes, lettuce, celery are a few options to snack on during summers, with cucumber being the best choice with about 95% water content.


4. Use lightweight gels to hydrate your skin

4. Use lightweight gels to hydrate your skin

You need to hydrate and moisturise your skin even in summers. But, summer skin requires soothing, cooling and hydrating gel-like cream. Check out the BB fave Pond’s Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturiser With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E. it keeps your skin supple without feeling heavy or clogging your pores.

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