While it has its perks, summers can be an extremely unpleasant time in India. Hot, humid and sticky, the long months of relentlessly blazing sun can wreak havoc on your skin and leave it looking tired, dull, and lifeless.

However, these problems can be easily tackled with a few simple changes, like staying hydrated, wearing loose clothes and using a lightweight summer body lotion. Here’s what you need to do to keep your skin refreshed this summer.


1. Shower twice a day

Shower twice a day

The humid weather, combined with heat, can cause excessive sweating, which is why showering once is not enough during the long summer months. Allowing sweat to dry on the skin can lead to breakouts on your back and chest. That’s why it’s advisable to take a quick shower as soon as you get home or before going to bed at night. This will keep your skin fresh, remove sweat and acne-causing bacteria, as well as combat body odour.


2. Use a lightweight body lotion

Use a lightweight body lotion

Contrary to popular belief, your skin needs to be moisturised during summer too. Even if you have an oily skin type, it needs external moisturisation to stay healthy and radiant. Of course, you can’t use heavy lotions that take long to get absorbed. It is best to opt for a lightweight, gel formula that will penetrate into the skin quickly. The Dove Light Hydration Body Lotion is a non-oily and intensely moisturising body lotion for summer that gets quickly absorbed into the skin and protects it from the harsh weather. Paraben-free, dermatologically tested and formulated with NutriDUO, this body lotion gives up to 48 hours of hydration, leaving the skin hydrated and bouncy.


3. Wear loose, flowy clothes

Wear loose, flowy clothes

Summer calls for loose cotton clothes. Wear breathable, natural fabrics so that your skin can breathe, and sweat can evaporate quickly instead of getting trapped and leading to body odour. Stock up on loose cotton dresses and kurtas for the season and believe us, your skin will thank you!


4. Avoid heavy makeup

Avoid heavy makeup

Just like heavy body lotions don’t have a place in your summer skincare routine, heavy-duty makeup products shouldn’t be a part of your summer makeup routines. Minimal and light makeup looks are perfect for summer. Replace heavy foundations with CC creams for fresh and dewy skin.


5. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Internal hydration is as important as external. During summer, our bodies try to cool down through the natural process of sweating, which, in turn, can cause dehydration. It is important to drink enough fluids and consume water-rich foods during summers to ensure the body functions optimally.