3 Reasons Why It’s Necessary To Wear Sunscreen On A Cloudy Day

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
3 reasons why it’s necessary to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day
There is nothing better than planning a beachy-trip on a cloudy day! It is just the right amount of cold so make sure you are packing some heavy towels to snuggle in after a swim. But, do you know what else is necessary to pack? A sunscreen! Yes, sunscreens are essential for cloudy days too. And not just when you’re at the beach… we mean not skimping on-screen even in the midst of the monsoon season. Not convinced? Read on...

01. You’re at a higher risk of sun damage on cloudy days

03. Certain surfaces bounce back UV rays

Did you know that you are more at risk of sun damage on cloudy days than stepping out under clear skies? Yes! You might think that clouds are shielding you from the sunlight, but in reality, harmful UV rays are still penetrating through them. To be precise, they only block about 20% of ageing and cancer-causing UV rays; the rest 80% bearing down on you in full glory. In addition to this, based on the thickness of the clouds, they can bounce off UV rays, which intensifies them further.


02. Sunscreen does more than just keep your skin from tanning

03. Certain surfaces bounce back UV rays

Many of you might associate sun damage with just scorching summer heat. But the UV rays are equally harmful in any season, be it summer, monsoon or winter. This is why it is always recommended to use sunscreen regardless of the weather. It benefits you more than just shielding against sun tanning. Regular sunscreen use builds up your skin’s capacity to fight sun damage over time. This includes keeping dark spots at bay, delaying signs of premature ageing and minimising the risk of skin cancer, which can be caused due to sun damage.


03. Certain surfaces bounce back UV rays

03. Certain surfaces bounce back UV rays

Some conditions make you extra vulnerable to UV rays. Water bodies like oceans and seas, white sandy beaches, snow and ice and concrete mimic the action of mirrors and bounce ultraviolet rays back on you, exposing you to more UV rays. In fact, it has been noted that snow can up to 80% UV rays; sand 20% and seafoam about 25%. 

Thus, if you step on a cloudy day to go swimming, running or simply for a stroll, don’t forget to slather on sunscreen. Choose a broad-spectrum product like the Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Gel Sunscreen. It blocks up to 97% of harmful sun rays, is lightweight with ultra-matte texture and is perfect for wearing under makeup!

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