Top Tips On How To Protect Against Dark Patches

Written by Lopa KMar 31, 2023
Top Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

When it comes to flawless skin, some of us don’t have it easy. When it is not acne, it might be sudden dark circles that you may notice or random dark patches around your mouth or cheeks. And while some of it may be difficult to treat, there are some skin woes you can easily avoid such as how to protect your skin from sun tan. Discolouration and hyperpigmentation of your face can easily make you look and feel dull. And while there are several reasons for it, the most common and avoidable factor is everyday sun tanning. Well, let’s get into how we can keep our skin even-toned and free from dark patches.


How to Protect Against Dark Patches - Basics

Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

Hyperpigmentation happens when the skin cells responsible for the colour of the skin end up producing more melanin than needed in certain places and causing a patchy skin tone. This can be due to several reasons such as hormonal imbalance, stubborn acne, unhealthy diet, pollution and the sun’s harsh rays. Well, thanks to the hot Indian climate, that last reason is why a majority of us end up with dark patches on our faces. So, if you want to learn how to protect your skin from sun tan, it is not that difficult. Let’s take a look at some nifty tips and tricks to keep our skin bright and clear. 

Top Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches 


Wear sunscreen

Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

Sunscreen is a must when it comes to your everyday skincare routine. Sure, sometimes we may get lazy or forget to wear sunscreen, but it is the only thing keeping away dark patches. Not only does it protect your skin from tanning, but it also acts as a barrier between harmful UV rays and your sensitive skin.  

Every day in the morning, whether it is summer or winter, you should apply sunscreen on your face and the exposed parts of your skin. If you hate the usual white patchy finish or heavy feel, opt for something lightweight like the Pond’s Serum-Boost Sunscreen. Now you have no excuse to forego sunscreen. This one ranges from SPF 35 to 55, defending your skin from 97-98% of the UV rays without leaving a white cast on the skin. On top of that, it is also loaded with the hero skincare ingredient niacinamide serum which fades dark patches left by the sun and gives an even glow. And the best part is that it suits all skin types and works on reducing all the damage done by the sun.  

How to Incorporate the Tip   

Take a little bit of the product and dot it all over your face. Then spread it out with your fingers in a circular and outward motion to evenly cover your face. Do the same with the exposed parts of your skin like your neck, ears, shoulders and arms. And an added bonus is that you don’t have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes before moving on with your skincare routine. Just give it a few minutes to get absorbed as it is non-oily and non-sticky before applying your makeup.


Home remedies

Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

Did you know that around eight out of 10 people in India get patchy skin by the time they are in their 30s due to unintentional sun tanning? So, how to protect your skin from sun tan? Fortunately for you, we have found some tried and tested home remedies that can help a little with bringing back your skin’s original complexion. Try DIY face packs made out of brightening ingredients like onion juice, sandalwood, papaya, oatmeal, lemon, black tea, tomato and almond paste. They either have astringent elements or some pretty cool exfoliating properties that can give you a uniform skin tone. 

How to Incorporate the Tip   

After washing your face thoroughly at the end of the day, try out one of these face packs to treat the dark patches left on your skin by the sun. They not only help with brightening these patches but also help mend the damage to the skin cells caused by UV rays. Once or twice a week of these face packs will surely bring about the best results.


Don’t head out during certain hours

Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

If you can, stay indoors during certain hours of the day. It is the easiest way how to protect your skin from sun tan. When the UV index is at its highest, that means the sun's rays are that much harsher, making our skin susceptible to UVA and UVB rays. This in turn can lead to several side effects such as tanning and leaving uneven dark patches, burning out skin, damaging our skin cells and making us more prone to skin cancer. 

How to Incorporate the Tip   

Before you step out of your house, check the UV index at that particular time. According to research done by the meteorological department, on sunny days, the UV rays can be the strongest between 10 am and 4 pm. On cloudy days, during monsoon and winter, there is little respite as the UV index may be the highest between 10 am and 2 pm. Check your local forecast for an accurate prediction. 

Cover yourself 

If you’re wondering how can I protect my skin from sun without sunscreen, there’s an answer for that too. Say you have just run out of sunscreen but need to head out. Just cover yourself up before leaving. UV-protected sunglasses can add a touch of style if you don’t want to ruin your outfit. But for the rest of it, you need to compromise whether it is covering up with a scarf or wearing full-length clothes. And no, those fancy baseball caps that barely cover your head is not enough. Turn to protective clothing, preferably loose-fitted and cotton material to bear the Indian heat. 


Apply sunscreen even when indoors

Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

While you may think that you can just wax and get rid of the tan you got from your Goa trip, it isn’t that easy anymore as sun tan can become permanent if you’re not careful. If that wasn’t enough, standing for even seven minutes under the sun can start damaging your skin. We’ll let you in on another secret, even if you’re indoors, as long as there is a window or door that opens to the outside world, the sun’s UV rays can reach you. So, even if you’re indoors, you may want to consider applying sunscreen. Just think of it as - if you can see the sun, the sun can definitely see you. 

If you’re worried about your skin getting oily or breakouts, you don’t need to compromise. Pond’s Serum-Boost Invisible Gel Sunscreen is perfect for oily skin as it is a lightweight gel which does what it boasts – it gives you an invisible finish so you can avoid the greasy, sweaty look us oily-skin girls suffer from when we put on certain skincare products. Or if you have sensitive skin, get the Pond’s Serum-Boost Suncreen Serum which combines the best of skincare and sun protection with the help of niacinamide and SPF 50 to keep your skin happy and healthy.


FAQs about How to Protect Against Dark Patches

Tips on How to Protect Against Dark Patches

1. Can sun tan be removed? 

Unfortunately, it is not easy anymore. While previously a sun tan could be removed by simply exfoliating and exposing a new layer of skin, things have become difficult thanks to climate change. With more and more ultraviolet radiation entering the Earth, it has the ability to damage your skin cells which are responsible for even-toned skin. So, if there are some especially stubborn dark spots, you may need more than a scrub to remove them like a supercharged sunscreen or serum. 

2.  Are the dark patches on my skin because of the sun? 

Yep. While the sun is responsible for a lot of life on Earth, providing us with heat, vitamin D and more, there are also some truly sad side effects. Because of the UV radiation accompanying the sun rays, they damage our skin cells which handle melanin production aka the colour of our skin. This is why a common reason for dark patches on the skin is part of the sun’s visible damage. 

3. What causes sun tan? 

As the UV rays try to affect your skin, your body produces extra melanin to protect itself. Studies have shown that it can take anywhere between a few hours to two days to tan your skin if you’re constantly under the sun. 

4. What food reduces tanning? 

One of the natural ways to protect skin from sun is your diet. There are several foods that not only protect your skin from sun damage from within but also help you get a glowing and even skin tone. Try out items full of antioxidants like oranges, lemons, pomegranates, grapes, oats, cucumber, sweet potatoes and carrots. 

Well, there you have it. If you’re curious about how to protect your skin from sun tan, try out these tips the next time you will be braving the scorching sun. 

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