When it comes to acne, people often forget that it is not just your face that suffers from it. Back acne, or bacne, is one of the trickiest kinds of acne to deal with. Caused by many factors like hormones, genetics, excessive oil production from sebaceous glands and even poor hygiene, back acne can cause a lot of grief. The major reason why they are challenging to treat is because they are out of reach and at a spot that often gets ignored. And while you may be following through with your dermat-approved treatments, some things can still sneak up on you and make your back acne worse. Here are 5 things you need to be mindful of while dealing with back acne…


01. Sun exposure

Sun exposure

Exposing back acne to the sun can cause an increase in redness and inflammation, leading to scarring and delay in healing. So if you are in the habit of sunbathing or working out with your back exposed, we’ve got news for you. Try and limit the amount of sun exposure your back gets while out in the open and use broad-spectrum sunscreen like the Pond’s Skin Fit Pre Work Out High Performance Sunscreen SPF50 to avoid sun damage in the affected areas.


02. Too much friction

Too much friction

Rubbing and friction from tight clothing and accessories can cause a certain type of breakout called acne mechanica, which are more inflamed and lead to a lot of scarring. Pay attention to how much friction your back is getting from gym clothes, backpacks or even while sitting and sleeping. Try and reduce their contact with your back acne as much as possible and opt for breathable fabrics and bum bags for a while!


03. Lack of hydration

Lack of hydration

Stretching your arms to its limits every morning and moisturising your back can be a task! Which is why your back is often left without moisturisation, especially after using medicated washes to deal with your back acne. Excessive dryness will only make matters worse. You have to keep up with nourishing your back daily. Look for calming ingredients that can help soothe inflammation as well.

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04. Improper showering habits

Improper showering habits

When you are dealing with back acne, even otherwise safe staples like back scrubs, loofahs and soaps can be bad for you. Excessive exfoliation can further cause oil production and congestion, and soaps are too alkaline to do you any good. Cleanse with a proper pH (close to your skin’s ph level of 5.5) and avoid exfoliating your back for a while.

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05. Improper diet

Improper diet

Much like your face, the skin on your body also needs nourishment from the inside. Some acne-inhibiting foods to add in your diet are avocado, seafood, walnuts, sweet potatoes and apricots. These foods can provide skin-strengthening nutrients like vitamin A to your body.