All of us are constantly vying for skin that looks clear, flawless and glowing. To achieve this, we try everything – from innumerable skincare products to DIY home remedies. But sometimes, we don’t achieve the results we truly desire. And one such stubborn skin concern that plagues a lot of women is dark spots.

Ageing, sun damage, hormonal imbalance and genetics are some of the major causes of dark spots. While this problem is definitely annoying, don’t lose heart if most of your attempts at getting rid of them have been unsuccessful. Below are some sure-shot dark spot treatments that will deliver clear skin in no time…


01. Vitamin C

01.	Vitamin C

This is probably the best skin brightening treatment ever. The antioxidants in vitamin C prevent skin damage caused by environmental aggressors such as dirt, sun, impurities, pollution, etc. and make your skin appear clearer in just a few days. Additionally, it also helps inhibit your skin’s melanin production (this is what causes dark spots) and gives your skin an extremely bright and clear appearance.


02. Kojic acid

02.	Kojic acid

This skin acid is an amazing remedy against dark spots. It is made from a mixture of fermented rice and mushrooms and can be found in skin lightening and dark spot treatments. But people with sensitive skin may want to limit their usage of this acid as it could cause an adverse reaction.


03. Cleansers with AHAs and BHAs

03.	Cleansers with AHAs and BHAs

Cleansing your face is really important to prevent the dirt and impurities from settling into your skin and causing reactions. Therefore, it is important to use the right kind of cleanser. We recommend that you use a face wash that is enriched with AHAs and BHAs, this will help to gently exfoliate the skin and eventually reduce the appearance of dark spots to make way for clear skin.


04. Spot treatments

04.	Spot treatments

One of the best ways to get rid of dark spots is to try different types of spot treatments. Usually, spot treatments are enriched with really potent ingredients and show results in very little time. Look for spot treatments that are enriched with effective skin brightening ingredients to eliminate those dark spots ASAP.