6 Tips To Indulge In Caring For Your Hands And Feet This Monsoon

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedApr 22, 2019
6 tips to indulge in caring for your hands and feet this monsoon

Monsoon is never kind to your hands and feet. Bearing the brunt of the season, they’re twice as prone to skin infections. This is precisely why they deserve a little extra love and skin care during monsoon.

Here’s how you can pamper your paws this monsoon...


Keep them spick and span

Wear appropriate footwear

Come monsoon each year, love and romance are in the air but so are many kinds of bacteria. This means you need to keep your hands and feet clean to avoid any kind of skin infection.

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After a mucky rainy day, your hands, feet and skin at large need a thorough cleaning. One way to do that is to soak your feet in warm water mixed with some Epsom salt to keep them odour-free.

However, washing your skin frequently can rob its moisture and make it dry. So during monsoon specifically, make sure you use a moisturising body wash that will help restore your skin’s moisture by deeply nourishing it. Dove’s Deep Nourishing Body Wash we think is perfect to keep your skin healthy and well cared for during these moist days.

Also for your daily use, make sure you pick a gentle hand wash which will cleanse your hands and feet without dryness. Try the Dove Shea Butter Hand Wash as it nourishes skin deeply to give you soft and smooth skin.


Keep them dry

Wear appropriate footwear

Damp hands and feet attract bacterial and fungal skin infections. It is important therefore to always keep them dry.

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Carry a few paper towels or napkins in your bag and make sure you wipe your feet and hands dry, once you reach work and back home. If you’ve been in the rainwater for long, you can also use an anti-bacterial powder to prevent infections.


Moisturise your paws

Wear appropriate footwear

Not only do the rains make your nails easily susceptible to infections, but also tend to make them dry and brittle. So, you need to moisturise them well.

BB Tip:
Rub Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly onto your nails and cuticles and massage well. This will keep your nails well-moisturised and soft. For your hands and feet trust the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Resort that comes with a glycerin-rich formula, which combines the goodness of pure Soya extract and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture thus making sure your skin is deeply moisturised.


Avoid manicures and pedicures during monsoon

Wear appropriate footwear

We know it can be tempting to go for a pamper session to the salon but there is a good reason why it is best to avoid a parlour mani-pedi during monsoon.
#1 Parlors use the same equipment (however sterilised they may be) for their all their customers. This makes the chances of you contracting an infection higher.
#2 Soaking your hands and feet in warm water for long can rob your skin of moisture making it dry.

BB Tip:
Just because you can't go to a salon and get the usual mani-pedi doesn't mean you can't pamper your hands and feet at home. Take half a lemon and rub the juice on your nails to make sure they stay cleansed and infection-free.


Exfoliate and mask all the way

Wear appropriate footwear

Basic cleansing of your feet and hands might not be enough during monsoon, considering the high possibility of skin infections.

So, a weekly skin care routine where you scrub and use a mask for your hands and feet is important.

BB Tip:
An exfoliating body wash that helps you gently scrub the dead skin off is just what you need to add to your monsoon skin care regimen. We suggest you try the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash which gently removes dead skin, rejuvenates your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

To make a homemade skin pack for your hands and feet – grind neem leaves, mix in rose water and turmeric powder to make a paste. Apply the mixture onto your hands and feet and let the anti-bacterial properties of the ingredients work to heal and repair your skin.


Wear appropriate footwear

Wear appropriate footwear

Monsoon is when all the infections are floating around. It is best to protect your feet to avoid falling sick.

BB Tip:
We know it isn’t easy to swap those heels and pretty ballerinas for crocs, boots and open-toed jelly sandals, but, we say you do it so that you have happy feet this monsoon.

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