7 Blackhead Removal Masks To Swear By For Clear And Glowing Skin

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
7 blackhead removal masks to swear by for clear and glowing skin

“I love flaunting blackheads”, said no woman ever!

Blackhead and whitehead are like that annoying ex who won’t let you live in peace. Those tiny little black thingies mostly appear on the face, especially on the T-zone and at times even on the chin and back. So what exactly is the cause of blackheads, you ask? Well, to begin with, blackheads are essentially clogged pores due to over secretion of oil and sebum. Environmental factors such as sun exposure, free radicals and pollution are the main causes of blackheads. With age and environmental damage, these blackheads become more vivid and take other forms such as dark spots or pigmentation.

While earlier women used to treat blackheads during the time of facials, today getting rid of these annoying little black spots has become easier than ever. From blackhead removal strips to charcoal masks and DIY blackhead remover masks to anti-pollution cleansers, there are zillion blackhead removal treatments out there to help you flaunt blackhead-free, clear and beautiful skin. However, people with oily skin are more prone to getting blackheads. The excess oil makes it easier for hair follicles, also known as clogged pores to cause blackheads.

But the good news is that to get rid of blackheads, all you need to do is give your skin some extra TLC. Yes, you don’t have to put up with blackheads, ladies. There is hope! To help you combat this serious skin concern, we’ve got you covered with 7 blackhead remover mask recipes that you can try at home. Trust us, with the right treatment you’ll be able to stamp out blackheads from your life and put your best face forward.


Lemon juice + Egg whites

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Mix one egg white with one tablespoon lemon juice

Step 2: Reach out for a facial brush and apply the mixture with it all over your face, leaving out your eyes and eyebrows

Step 3: Let the mask sit on your face for about 15 minutes until the mask dries up completely and you feel that your skin has tightened

Step 4: Rinse with cool water

Step 5: Follow it up with a light moisturiser such as the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser that keeps skin perfectly hydrated for up to 12 hours

Benefits: Egg white helps shrink pores, thereby making your skin blackhead-free and visibly clear. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent helps brighten the skin when mixed with egg white. The next time you make eggs, dab a little egg white off the shell because of this natural astringent works great as a toner too. Apply this blackhead remover mask at least once a week for effective results.


Green tea + Gelatin + Cucumber

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Pour one-third cup of water in a glass bowl and heat it for 15 seconds

Step 2: Mix one tablespoon gelatin powder into the lukewarm water

Step 3: Next, add two tablespoons green tea and cucumber juice each to the bowl

Step 4: Apply the mask all over your face

Step 5: Leave it on for about 20 minutes before peeling the mask off

Step 6: Rinse your face with cold water

Benefits: Green tea being an anti-oxidant helps reduce inflammation and redness caused by dead skin cells and acne and clears clogged pores. Gelatin not just improves the elasticity of skin but also is one of the easiest ways to make a peel-off mask at home. Rich in vitamins and minerals, cucumber helps rejuvenate skin, reduces blemishes and leaves your skin moisturised and hydrated. It’s best to use this peel-off blackhead remover mask at least once a week.


Bentonite clay + Lavender oil

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Mix three tablespoons of bentonite clay with water and a few drops of lavender oil

Step 2: Mix the ingredients well to form a smooth paste that is neither too thick nor too runny

Step 3: Apply the mixture all over your face

Step 4: Let the face mask sit for about 20 minutes until it dries up completely

Step 5: Take a soft cotton cloth, dip it in water and wipe off the mask with it

Step 6: Finish off with a cold water rinse

Benefits: Bentonite clay helps remove toxins from your pores, thereby removing blackheads and reducing the appearance of acne scars. The benefits of lavender oil are more than you can imagine. It detoxifies skin, fights acne and reduces redness and blotchy patches on your skin. Apply this blackhead removal mask once a week for effective results.


Honey + Baking soda

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Mix two tablespoons of honey and baking soda each in a bowl

Step 2: Grab a facial brush to apply the mixture evenly on your face

Step 3: Leave it on for not more than 15 minutes because baking soda can be a little harsh on your skin

Step 4: Rinse with cool water

Benefits: Honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin which makes it a great ingredient to use for acne and blackheads. It also acts as a brightening agent that leaves your face fresh and glowing. The mild exfoliating property of baking soda removes dead skin cells while neutralizing the pH of your skin. This best blackhead remover mask is perfect for those with oily or combination skin.


Aloe vera + Green tea

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Steep ¼ cup green tea and allow it to cool down

Step 2: Mix the green tea with one tablespoon aloe vera gel to form a runny paste

Step 3: With the help of a cotton pad, apply this mask all over your face

Step 4: Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes

Step 5: Wash off with cold water

Benefits: With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera gel leaves your skin clear and supple. Green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants helps reduce skin inflammation, redness and oil build-up, especially on the T-zone area. Applying this blackhead mask regularly once or twice a week can show effective results.


Oatmeal + Lemon + Yoghurt

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Soak two tablespoons healthy oatmeal in one tablespoon yoghurt for a few minutes to soften it

Step 2: Mix one tablespoon lemon juice into the paste

Step 3: Apply the mixture all over your face

Step 4: Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes

Step 5: Wash your face with cold water

Benefits: Saponin present in oatmeal sucks out all the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from the skin pores. The mildly abrasive nature of oatmeal exfoliates your skin and helps you get rid of blackheads without damaging your skin. As yoghurt contains lactic acid, it helps cleanse your skin, thereby causing your skin to obtain its healthy glow. Lemon juice helps cure acne and blackheads and leaves your skin radiant and clear. Pamper your skin with this best blackhead remover at least twice a week.


Cinnamon + Honey

Cinnamon + Honey

Step 1: Mix one tablespoon cinnamon powder and three tablespoons honey thoroughly

Step 2: Apply the thick paste all over your face, focusing more on your T-zone, chin and forehead

Step 3: Let the paste sit for 15 minutes

Step 4: Rinse with warm water

Benefits: The antibacterial properties of both honey and cinnamon help eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and blackheads. It helps clear dead skin cells and oil build-up from the surface of the skin. Use this honey blackhead removal mask every alternate day for two weeks to notice a remarkable change in your skin.

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