Everyday Habits That Can Cause Premature Ageing And How To Fix Them

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
 Everyday habits that can cause premature ageing and how to fix them

Standing in front of the mirror and inspecting every wrinkle and strand of grey hair isn’t going to stop you from ageing. If you are noticing premature signs of ageing, it could very well be a result of certain lifestyle habits. Seemingly harmless habits like slouching over your phone or staying awake till the wee hours finishing a season of your favourite series can speed up the ageing process. Yes, really!

Here are a few more common habits that you didn’t know could age your skin prematurely.


Neglecting the eye area

Drinking too much coffee

Your eye area is one of the most delicate parts of your body; it needs special care and attention. Yet, most women ignore this area when it comes to skincare, leading to fine lines and crow’s feet. Apart from applying a good eye cream ensure you are also protecting the area around your eyes from the sun. We recommend using the Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF -15, it tackles fine lines, puffiness and dark circles while protecting the eye area from both, UVA and UVB rays.


Not exercising

Drinking too much coffee

30 minutes of moderate exercise is enough to improve blood circulation in the body. While exercising, your skin throws toxins out along with sweat and makes your skin look young and healthy. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise at least 5 times a week. Start with something as simple as brisk walking.


Using skincare products with harsh ingredients

Drinking too much coffee

While skincare products are formulated to correct skin problems and improve the health of our skin, most of them are loaded with harsh ingredients that cause damage in the long run. It is essential to stick to gentle products with no harsh chemicals such as the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. This lightweight formula does not clog pores and is suitable for all skin types.


Taking the phone to bed

Drinking too much coffee

Prolonged exposure to the blue light emitting from your phone disturbs our body’s natural sleep cycle. This disruption leads to health issues, breakouts, premature ageing, stress and lack of sleep. Keep your bed free from any type of gadgets for a good night’s rest and a healthy mind and body.


Drinking too much coffee

Drinking too much coffee

High consumption of caffeine can deplete your body of moisture making your skin look dehydrated, dull and aged. Limit your coffee intake to two cups a day, have fresh fruit juices instead that are packed with goodness and keep your body hydrated for longer durations.

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