Diets come and go. They grip the health-obsessed, and one such obsession was the 5:2 diet.
A common practice is eating normally for five days a week and restricting your calories or fasting for two days. The intention is to help your body detox and give your digestive system a rest. This was later adopted for the skin as well. A skin diet was formulated wherein you wear regular makeup for five days in a week and go sans makeup for two. This gives your skin a rest and helps with cellular turnover and skin regeneration.

Is the skin diet for you? Well, we list out the benefits here, so you can take the call.

It helps clear out the pores

Daily use of makeup can lead to accumulation of makeup ‘debris’ and even regular cleansing does not always get rid of it. So, give your skin at least one day without makeup, and help it ‘breathe’.

You will still need to apply sunscreen

There is absolutely no skipping the sunscreen. Direct exposure to sunlight causes sun spots and pigmentation, so you will still have to wear sunscreen on the days you do not wear makeup.

It helps with skin conditions

If you have skin issues like acne or rosacea, giving it a break from the makeup will actually help reducing the flare-ups. Letting your skin go makeup-free for two days in a week also helps if you have sensitive skin.

The bottom line

The bottom line

Going without makeup for one or two days in a week certainly has its benefits.It is also important to ensure that you use makeup products that suit your skin type.

Never use makeup after their expiry period. Never sleep with makeup on. Make sure you cleanse your face before bed-time with a hydrating cleanser likethe Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Facial Foam that will keep your skin feeling soft and refreshed all night.