Acne on the jawline is largely associated with hormonal imbalances in the body and can, thus, seem like it is out of your control. In reality, it is very much possible to deal with breakouts on your chin and jawline. Wondering how? Well, while hormonal imbalance is responsible for triggering excessive sebum production, the issue of breakouts only arises when acne-causing bacteria are left to wreak havoc on your skin and clog your pores. And the fact that they mostly appear around ‘that time of the month’ makes it easier for you to anticipate and better prepare for them beforehand. All you need to do is incorporate a few anti-acne products in your skincare routine and make a few lifestyle changes to come out a winner on the other side of your PMS woes. Here’s what you need to do…


01. Include acne-fighting ingredients in your routine

01. Include acne-fighting ingredients in your routine

Acne fighting ingredients do more than just dry out your pimples — they help stop them from occurring in the first place. While ingredients like salicylic acid and plant-based compounds like thymol kill acne-causing bacteria, common cleanser additives like myristic acid help clear away oil build-up to treat the issue on a more basic level. Be strategic as to how you build your skincare routine — as opposed to using generic staples, pick products formulated with beneficial ingredients to keep your breakouts in check.

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02. Stop touching your face!

02.  Stop touching your face!

Your jawline is one part of your face that you tend to touch the most. You rest your face on your hand while working and unconsciously transfer all the germs to this area. Be careful about touching your face too much (even if you are in deep thought). If you cannot help it, make sure you’re keeping your hands and surfaces as clean as possible.


03. Exfoliate regularly, focusing on the jaw area

03.  Exfoliate regularly, focusing on the jaw area

Exfoliating 2-3 times a week with a chemical exfoliant is essential for sloughing off dead skin cells and keeping your pores clean. If you are using a physical scrub, make sure to be gentle with it in order to avoid damaging your skin’s barrier. A foaming exfoliating cleanser is perfect for jawline acne, as you can spend time massaging the area (for at least a minute) before washing off the product. Try using a soft cleansing brush once a while to help stimulate blood circulation in the otherwise ignored area of your face.

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04. Watch your diet

04. Watch your diet

Since jawline acne is a direct result of excessive oiliness on your face, improper dietary habits also contribute to the issue. This is because whatever your body cannot digest and expel, it pushes out of the system through your skin. Thus, processed sugar, dairy products and fast food (your PMS cravings) can make matters worse. There can be other triggers as well, so make sure you keep a check on what you eat and how bad a certain breakout cycle was around that time.


05. Remove your makeup thoroughly

05. Remove your makeup thoroughly

Your jawline can often be ignored when you’re taking off your makeup. Most people tend to cleanse just above the jaw and skip the area under the chin and below the jawline. This habit can contribute to further occurrences of acne, without your even realising why. Make sure you take the cotton pad all the way below your chin and down your neck as well to keep acne at bay.

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Pro tip: If all else fails, make sure to visit a dermatologist who will be able to prescribe you the proper medication to treat more severe cases of hormonal acne.