Cover Up Dark Circles And Hyperpigmentation With These Easy Steps

Written by Nida SayyedSep 16, 2023
Cover up dark circles and hyperpigmentation with these easy steps

Oh the horror of that moment when you are having a good day and someone tells you, you look tired! Your dark circles can make you look exhausted even on the best of days. Obviously then, you need to do something about them, panda eyes.

Follow these steps to get rid of those dark circles and add life to your makeup look...


Prep up:

Colour correct:

The first step in makeup is prepping your skin. Always start by hydrating your skin. If you want to cover your dark circles or hyperpigmentation, make sure your skin is ready for all the products you are going to layer it with to cover the darkness. Use a hydrating face mask or under eye mask before makeup. If you don’t have an under-eye mask, use some deep moisturising serum or moisturiser under and around your eyes.

If you are trying to cover pigmentation around your mouth, use a little bit of eye shadow primer around your mouth as it works well to hold onto any product placed on top.


Colour correct:

Colour correct:

Try colour correcting. If you have a deeper skin tone, use an orange or red corrector/ concealer and apply it only on the deeper parts of your face. This helps cancel out dark patches. If you have a lighter skin tone, use a peach colour corrector or concealer. Blend it well but keep it only on the problem areas.

Conceal well:

Apply the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid concealer under your eyes and on the hyper pigmented areas and over your colour corrector. Blend it in a patting motion so it doesn’t disturb the colour correction underneath.

Set it:

The final step is to set all the effort, so it stays put the entire day. Use a yellow toned powder to add some extra brightness under your eyes. You can also use your favourite foundation powder in a lighter shade to set your under eye. This will add coverage and brightness.

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