How To Make Your Skin Glow With These 5 Early Morning Habits

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
How to make your skin glow with these 5 early morning habits

Starting your day off on the right foot is very important, even where your skin is concerned. Let us ask you one thing—what is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? We are pretty sure - hitting the snooze button a million times, checking your WhatsApp, scrolling through social media - would be the top answers. Well, it’s not uncommon, but these habits are doing your skin no good. It strains your eyes, stresses your facial muscles and give you dark circles and wrinkles, to say the least. And thus, you need to break these habits and incorporate healthy morning habits that benefit your skin.

How to make your skin glow’ remains the most-asked beauty query in our inbox, so , we decided to put an end to this mystery. We start with all the good skin habits you can follow, starting early in the morning to make your skin glow from within. Little things and some morning practices like drinking water and following your morning skincare routine without fail can help your skin a great deal and get you your natural radiance back. So, if you are not quite sure about how to make your skin glow, here are 5 early morning habits that will surely help.


Treat your skin with a face massage

Have a beauty-licious breakfast

As soon as you wake up, pamper your skin with a gentle face massage even before you do your regular skincare routine. You must be aware of the many beauty benefits of facial massage for your skin. It reduces premature ageing signs, makes skin smooth and adds a healthy glow. Sparing a few minutes for a good massage can help your dull skin big time. You don’t need any skincare products like a cream or oil for this step. You just need to rinse your face with water (like you usually do in the morning) and massage your skin gently. It will help improve blood circulation, relieve stress and bring back your natural glow.

Splash some water on your face and massage your skin with your fingertips in a circular motion for five to seven minutes. Remember to do it an upward and outward direction, starting from the cheeks. This will help uplift and tone the face and make your skin firmer and radiant as ever. It is an effortless way to make your skin glow and look youthful. Plus, it will also help wake up your skin and make it look fresh and dewy. 


Kick start your day with a healthy drink

Have a beauty-licious breakfast

Yes, water is the first thing you should be drinking for clear and glowing skin but adding some skin-loving and yummy ingredients to it only makes it better. Add some lemon juice and honey or brew your water with some green tea leaves to give your skin a boost of nutrients and vitamins in the morning. Drinking a healthy drink such as lemon water or green tea first thing in the morning can help rejuvenate and refresh your skin. You can also start your day with a glass of fruit juice, smoothie or fresh coconut water to make your skin glow. These drinks contain a good amount of water which helps hydrate your skin from within and makes it glow. And, they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which give your skin a much-needed boost of nutrients.  


Sweat it out

Have a beauty-licious breakfast

Post-workout glow is not a myth. As it turns out, working up a sweat in the fresh morning air can actually help your skin glow and be naturally healthy. Yes, a morning workout not only benefits your body and calms your mind but also makes your skin glow brighter than ever. Exercising is extremely beneficial for your skin as it increases blood circulation, improves the complexion and texture of your skin and doing it early in the morning has extra benefits. It recharges your mood and wakes your skin up which helps make it look brighter and fresh. Plus, the impurities and toxins are flushed out with the sweat which helps detoxify your skin and unlocks clearer and radiant complexion.

You can try cardio workouts, dance, yoga, running or simply walk your way to flawless skin. Spare at least half an hour each morning for you to indulge in a hot and heavy workout session and you will notice a big difference in your skin. Regular exercise in the morning also has long term effects on your skin too. It improves collagen production and helps you sleep better, which ultimately translates to better skin.     


Carry out the CTM routine

Have a beauty-licious breakfast

A proper morning skincare regimen is the key to achieving glowing skin and we can’t stress this enough. If you skip on the CTM routine in the morning, your skin will become dull with time. Morning CTM routines make sure your skin is clean, nourished and moisturised and ready to face the day. Not only that, it improves and maintains the health of your skin and fights skin issues while also lending a natural glow to your skin.

First, cleanse your face with a mild face wash to clear all the dirt, sweat, oil and product build up from your face. Then use a good toner on your face with the help of a cotton pad to restore the pH balance of your skin and follow up with a hydrating moisturiser to lock in the lost moisture. Also, don’t forget to use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 every morning before going out and exfoliate weekly with a mild scrub to do away with the dirt build-up of the week. Exfoliate twice a week if you have extremely oily skin.


Have a beauty-licious breakfast

Have a beauty-licious breakfast

You are what you eat and it shows on your skin. While healthy drinks and water-rich  foods makes your skin super hydrated and radiant, common breakfast options that are high in carbs and sugar such as pancakes, cereal and sandwiches mess up your skin and contribute to acne and other such skin problems. Since breakfast is your first meal of the day, make it the healthiest one too. Include smoothie bowls with fruits such as avocados, berries, bananas or mango and top it with almonds, chia seeds and other superfoods that are good for your skin. You can also try a protein-rich meal with an egg or a salad bowl full of hydrating foods like lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes. To get a healthy skin that has a beautiful glow, make it a habit to eat a healthy meal that is full of nutrients and hydrating foods. Also, swap the caffeinated drinks like coffee with green tea and healthy milk options like almond milk and soy milk which benefit your skin and make it glow.

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