Stretch marks during pregnancy are inevitable for new mothers. And since they are mostly genetic in nature, whether you’ll have them or not, will depend on if your mother had them.The stretch marks pop up at about 13 to 21 weeks and are prominent on lighter skin tones. They appear as pink, red, yellow, tan, purple-ish or brown streaks on your belly, butts, thighs, hips or breasts.

But did you know that It is much easier to prevent these scars from occurring in the first place? Yes, that’s right. Scroll down for some useful tips that’ll help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.


01. Try to manage your weight

manage your weight

One of the best ways to prevent stretch marks is to manage your weight gain as much as possible. Rapid weight gain can stretch your skin, leading to streaks and marks that get more prominent when you lose the weight. Consume a healthy diet and ask your doctor about effective ways to control your weight gain during pregnancy. A steady amount of weight gain will reduce the chances of developing stretch marks; so keep an eye on that scale!


02. Keep your skin moisturised

Keep your skin moisturised

Regularly moisturising your skin will help strengthen its lipid barrier and improve its elasticity. While there is no magical cure for stretch marks, ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, glycerine, and other emollients will help deal with them better. Your skin will also feel dryer during pregnancy, so lathering up with lotion every morning will do you some good.

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03. Keep up your hydration levels

pregnant woman

It is essential to maintain your hydration levels from the inside as well. Well-hydrated skin is soft, supple and much more adaptable to changes in your body. Maintaining proper skin hydration will also help your skin to repair itself better and keep stretch marks at bay. Cutting out dehydrating beverages, like caffeine, from your diet can also keep dehydrated skin in check.


04. Tend to irritated skin right away

pregnant woman

Even if you cannot prevent stretch marks from occurring, you can reduce their severity and make them less noticeable. To do this, watch out for the first signs of stretch marks, which is inflamed, dry, tight and patchy skin. Do not wait for the marks to develop and take yourself to your doctor for treating stretch marks as soon as they appear. Meanwhile, take the help of soothing ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, lavender, bisabolol, liquorice and others to help bring down inflammation as much as possible.

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05. Enrich your diet with healthy skin foods

woman eating healthy food

Chances are you are already on a good diet plan while pregnant, but ask your doctor about adding the right skin foods in your diet as well. Some of the nutrients that help build up skin endurance and boost collagen are vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and proteins.

Main image courtesy: @kareenakapoorkhan