Radiant, glowing, ageless skin—seems like a distant dream for most of us! What comes in the way of flawless skin is acne and the scars it leaves behind. For all those dealing with acne-prone skin, we have got you some professional help to understand your skin demands better.

Breakouts don’t only happen to teenagers. Nonetheless, they are bothersome and at times, even embarrassing. And what makes breakouts even more annoying is that they leave their “mark” behind with stubborn acne scars. But with a little care and guidance from professional dermats, you can win the war against pimples and acne scars.

To help you do just that, we asked top 3 dermatologists about the perfect skin care for acne-prone skin and here’s what they had to say...

Dermatologists Dr. O.P. Singh

Here Dr. (Prof) O.P. Singh, M.B.B.S, DVD, MD Delhi gives his expert advice on the lifestyle factors that cause the development of acne...

What are the lifestyle factors that lead your skin being prone to acne/pimples?

Diet: Eating more junk food, such as, bread and chocolate

Stress: Leading a stressful life can make acne worst as it imbalances hormones

Pollution: Our skin is exposed to pollution every day which leads to clogged pores, and ultimately acne-prone skin

Dermatologists Dr. O.P. Singh

Dr. Uttam Kumar Lenka, M.B.B.S, MD (Dermatology) Kolkata talks about pimple scars and how long they take to heal...

Why do pimple marks or acne scars remain on the skin even after the pimple has gone and how long do they take to heal?

The reason that acne leaves behind scars is mainly due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (popularly known as PIH) and defective collagen formation. Healing of pimple marks depends on patient to patient. It can take 3-6 months without remedies.

Dermatologists Dr. O.P. Singh

Dr. R Radha, MBBS, DD Chennai, recommends skin care regimen apt for all those with acne-prone skin...

What kind of skin care regimen would you recommend for complete care of acne-prone skin?

Use only recommended skin care products and increase your in-take of healthy food.