Perfecting one’s skincare routine is a long process that involves several trials and errors. It is after years of picking and choosing products for your skin that you find out what works best for your skin. And once you find the products that work for you, you have to be mindful of not going overboard with those products and end up damaging your skin.

This is especially true if you love the effects chemical exfoliators like AHAs and BHAs have on your skin but don’t know how to safely use them yet. A single application session, if done incorrectly (maybe you applied more product or left it on for a longer time than recommended), a single application session can lead to chemical burns!

Chemical burns leave the skin looking red, inflamed and sensitive to touch. If you’re guilty of going overboard with your skincare products, which has left your skin with a nasty chemical burn, here are some way to treat it.


01. Pause on all skin treating products

Pause on all skin treating products

First off, press pause on all your potent skincare products like retinol, salicylic acid or glycolic acid immediately. They can aggravate the issue further. Do not use any products meant to ‘fix’ or ‘treat’ any skin concern and stick to the basics like cleansing, toning and moisturising using gentle products.

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02. Focus on restoring your skin’s lipid health

Focus on restoring your skin’s lipid health

Chemical burns directly attack your skin’s moisture barrier, which leads to sensitivity and irritation when disturbed. Enrich your skincare routine with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides and squalene to restore your skin’s moisture barrier and get it healthy again.

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03. Include skin-soothing ingredients in your routine

Include skin-soothing ingredients in your routine

Burnt and irritated skin needs doses of calming ingredients to soothe and reduce inflammation. Upgrade your routine with products infused with ingredients like aloe vera centella asiatica, allantoin, bisabolol, and licorice root extracts. Make sure to reach out for single-ingredient products so that you are not overwhelming your skin!

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04. Sunscreen is king!

Sunscreen is king!

While you should always be applying sunscreen after every skincare routine, it is especially essential after suffering from a chemical burn. Since your skin is overly sensitised to sun exposure while healing, a broad-spectrum sunscreen will keep your skin protected from UV damage while it heals.

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05. See an expert about it

See an expert about it

If you are spooked by an unfortunate chemical burn and notice that the burn is slightly more intense than you can deal with, seek expert intervention ASAP. You might need some topical ointments to bring down the irritation and avoid scarring, which only a dermatologist can help with. While there, talk out what you did wrong in the first place. An expert will be able to guide you on using potent ingredients much better!