Is Your Skin Extra Dry? This Is Probably Why…

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 30, 2022
Is your skin extra dry? This is probably why…

Does your skin feel dry even after using tons of moisturiser? The obvious reason for dry skin might seem to be lack of moisture but sometimes the blame is on you. Your skin's moisture barrier may be hindered due to your lifestyle habits which can make your skin extra dry and itchy, even though you have been using that moisturiser.

Here are some lifestyle habits that could be making your skin feel super dry...



Excessive beauty treatments

Your perfumes and deodorants easily irritate your skin and disrupt your skin's moisture barrier. Some perfumes have chemicals in them which can irritate dry skin. It in a way sucks out the existing moisture from your skin making it drier.


Soap bars

Excessive beauty treatments

Soaps bars contain sulphates which are mainly responsible for drying of skin tissues. These sulphates can be highly basic can even cause cracking of skin layers and eczema. Soaps also strip moisture from the skin and damage the moisture barrier that protects your skin. So switch to mild body washes instead that nourish your skin and make it softer.



Excessive beauty treatments

Most medications used to treat acne contain a certain amount of acutane or retinol in them which causes peeling. Your skin becomes extra dry when such medicines are induced in your body by oral medications or applied to the surface skin tissues via creams.


Air conditioners

Excessive beauty treatments

Air conditioners suck all the moisture out for your skin making it dry and dull. So try not to use air conditioners for longer duration or switch it off after regular intervals. You can also use humidifiers to maintain the moisture levels in the room while using Air conditioners.



Excessive beauty treatments

Lack of water in the body is a primary cause of dry skin in most people. When your body is short of water, the essential nutrients are provided to important organs rather than the skin. The skin gets extra dry due to the reduced supply of moisture and nourishment to it by the skin cells.


Excessive beauty treatments

Excessive beauty treatments

Overdoing your beauty treatments like bleaching and excessive exfoliation can also lead to skin dryness. The skin is stripped of all the essential natural oils secreted by the skin pores in these harsh processes which results in dryness. Avoid any harsh beauty treatments or products which can damage the natural production of oil in the skin.

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