Only people who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin would truly be able to understand the everyday struggle of dealing with it. It can be extremely frustrating to apply makeup and then see it melt on your face 5 minutes after walking out of the house. Being really cautious about the products you pick, and living in the constant worry of breaking out each time you try a new skincare or makeup product, is honestly just too much.

To help control the excess sebum production and acne, you need to follow a stringent skincare routine. Following an AM and PM skincare routine with products that are especially meant to combat oil and prevent those annoying zits from popping up every other day is a must. But one thing that you must never do no matter what is pop that pimple! Popping pimples not only leaves a scar behind (and nobody wants that), but also spreads the acne germs, making your skin more prone to breaking out. It’s a vicious cycle indeed!

Oily and acne-prone skin can be slightly annoying that way. But we have a little hack up our sleeve that’s going to help you deal with acne and breakouts like never before. And no, this trick does not have anything to do with applying another product to your face. Curious? Read on for more!

Alcohol to the rescue

This is not what you think it is; we are not asking you to drink alcohol, mind you! But we are asking you to use rubbing alcohol on those products that come in contact with your face every day. This means that you must wipe your sunglasses, eyeglasses, and mobile phone at least a few times a week with rubbing alcohol. Dirty devices and objects often trigger acne and pimples. So, wiping them down is a good way to kill any bacteria responsible for breakouts on your oily, acne-prone skin.

Do this regularly and you’re bound to see a difference!

Image courtesy: Instagram