Do You Keep Getting Pimples In The Same Spot? Here’s Why...

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Do you keep getting pimples in the same spot? Here’s why...

Whether its that time of your cycle or you have oily and acne prone skin, some pimples keep popping in the exact same spot. Sometimes they appear right after healing completely making you wonder where you went wrong in your skincare regimen. Today, we’re going to help you end the vicious cycle of recurring pimples once and for all.

Here’s what is causing breakouts in the exact same spot...


Rough makeup application

Frequently touching your face

Excess pressure, friction and heat can cause breakouts. Your skin is sensitive and needs attention and care, so be gentle with your makeup application techniques. Eye makeup involves a lot of products and some people use their fingers for eye shadow application. Instead use an eye shadow brush which will blend the product well as well as prevent breakouts around eyes.


Hair products

Frequently touching your face

If your area of recurring pimples is the temples and forehead, well no prizes for guessing blame your hair products. Most hair products aren’t gentle enough for the skin therefore some ingredients can lead to breakouts. Hair spray and hair oils are usually the cause of pimples on the forehead area.


Picking and popping pimples

Frequently touching your face

Its hard to prevent yourself from picking or popping a pimple when its staring right at you in the mirror. Although a quick solution, this habit can transfer bacteria to the nearby pore and create the vicious, never ending cycle of recurring pimples. Even if you wash and clean the area right after popping the damage has still been done.


Frequently touching your face

Frequently touching your face

Do you often find yourself casually touching your face or resting your shin on your hands? You’re not alone, it’s a very common habit, however, this common habit could be transferring a lot of bacteria from your hands to your face. Eating greasy or oily food and touching your face without washing your hands can make matters worse.

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