One of the inevitable things about growing old is the visible signs of ageing. The first appearance of those lines and wrinkles are real bummers, aren’t they?

While there is no replacement for an effective anti-ageing skincare routine, there are certain lesser-known beauty tips that work wonders to help you look and feel your best while those skincare products work their magic.

Below are five beauty tips that will provide instant anti-ageing effects to make you look young and glowing. Take a look.   


01. Apply concealer sparingly

01.	Apply concealer sparingly

Yes, concealer is our holy-grail product and can do wonders at covering those fine lines and wrinkles, but it should be used sparingly. This is because concealer tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, accentuating their appearance. Apply a tiny bit, blend it well and then build more if you think you need extra coverage.


02. Don’t ignore your brows

02.	Don’t ignore your brows

Having ungroomed, bushy and unkempt brows make you look old. Additionally, if your brows have some greys, it can draw unnecessary attention to them. Ensure that you are shaping your brows regularly, filling in the sparse areas and covering the greys for a youthful appearance.


03. Whiten your teeth

03.	Whiten your teeth

As we age, our teeth tend to lose that milky white colour and turn yellow. Indulge in some DIY teeth whitening treatments to get rid of the yellow stain and keep your teeth looking pearly white.


04. Bathe yourself in moisturiser

04.	Bathe yourself in moisturiser

We are kidding, obviously. But it would do you a world of good to keep your skin thoroughly moisturised. Your skin tends to lose its elasticity and collagen, making it dry and parched. Therefore, get yourself a moisturiser with nourishing ingredients to keep your skin looking youthful and plump.


05. Avoid tying your hair up

05.	 Avoid tying your hair up

When you pull your hair in a really tight ponytail or bun, you end up accentuating the lines and wrinkles on your face. To avoid this, simply tie your hair in a loose hairstyle or style them in soft, voluminous curls to give your face some extra definition.

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