Red and angry! No, we aren’t talking about your mom’s face when you leave the room in a mess after a really long makeup session. We’re talking about something even worse… acne! Let’s admit it! There’s sometimes no escape from acne even in adulthood. The struggle of treating acne and acne scars is REAL!

For most of us, acne simply comes and goes, and at times, doesn’t even leave any marks behind (thank God!). But, some deal with painful acne that makes the entire area red, making you look oh-so-angry! If you’ve had a similar experience, then you most likely have hormonal acne.

everything about hormonal acne

What is hormonal acne and what causes it?

As the name suggests, hormonal acne has a lot to do with your hormone levels. This type of acne is much more common in adults than in teenagers. Due to factors such as menopause, pregnancy and your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels tend to fluctuate, which in turn causes hormonal acne. Other causes of hormonal acne include stress, chemical-infused skincare products that clog your skin pores, and side-effects of certain medication.

The most common symptoms of hormonal acne are cysts and nodules. During puberty, hormonal acne generally shows up on the T-zone ie the forehead, nose and chin, while during adulthood, it’s most likely to make an appearance on the lower half of your cheeks, your chin and jawline.

Does diet affect hormonal acne?

Though diet is not the main cause of hormonal acne, it may definitely worsen it. Fats and carbohydrates increase sebum production, which in turn leads to acne. If you want to prevent hormonal acne from bringing your skin health down, then you must avoid foods like refined grains, which include pasta, cereals and bread, aerated drinks and sweeteners, dairy products including milk and cheese, fast food such as burgers, pastries and sausages, as well as dark chocolate.

everything about hormonal acne

Natural way to treat hormonal acne

While birth control pills, retinoids, anti-androgen medication and benzoyl peroxide are medical treatments for hormonal acne, you’ll be happy to know that there are natural ways to improve this skin condition too. Yes, tea tree oil and green tea are great natural treatments for hormonal acne.

The anti-inflammatory effects of tea tree oil help improve mild to moderate acne when applied topically. Green tea, on the other, contains polyphenols that reduce sebum production and treat acne.