4 Reasons Why You Should Refrain From Extracting Your Own Blackheads

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
4 reasons why you should refrain from extracting your own blackheads

Blackheads are an annoying, recurring problem that seems to affect most of us, especially those with oily skin. Not only do they risk turning into nasty breakouts, but also make your skin look and feel extremely dull, damaged and unappealing.

But if you use this an excuse to pinch and extract your own blackheads more often than not, then we are sorry to say but you’re committing a cardinal beauty sin. This is a sure-shot way to damage your skin, leave scars a list of other skin issues.

Below, we have compiled a list of reasons why blackheads removal should not be a DIY process, and why exactly going to a salon or a dermatologist is extremely important for this delicate job. Read on…


01. It could lead to skin irritation

04. Leave your pores enlarged

When you go to a dermatologist or salon to get your blackheads removed, those experts assess how deep the blackheads are, the tools needed to properly extract it and how exactly to prep your skin in order to cause little to no skin damage. But when you DIY this process, you are most likely going to use a one-size-fits-all extraction tool and little skin prep, which could lead to skin irritation.


02. It could leave scars

04. Leave your pores enlarged

When you don’t follow the right process or use the right tools, there is a high chance that you could hurt your skin or damage the pores surrounding the blackheads leading to scars. Additionally, if the blackheads aren’t extracted properly, it could also bruise your skin, leaving behind the potential scars.


03. Can cause acne

04. Leave your pores enlarged

Extracting your own blackheads could actually spread the dirt trapped inside your pores in the surrounding areas, leading to more clogged pores and inflammation. In a lot of cases, this is the main reason that leads to acne and acne scars.


04. Leave your pores enlarged

04. Leave your pores enlarged

When you are extracting a blackhead, you are slightly enlarging your pores with the extraction tools to help the blackhead come out easily. But if not done right, you can push a lot more dirt and impurities in your pores, amd in turn expanding their size. Now that’s something you definitely don’t want, right?

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