5 ingredients to kiss dry skin goodbye

Written by Urvi DalalAug 12, 2020

Dealing with dry and flaky skin is one of the most underrated skincare woes. Your basic moisturiser never seems to hydrate your skin enough and soft, supple and glowing skin is nothing but a distant dream… agree?

Well, guess what, you’re in luck ‘cause we are here to help you transform your skincare game and how! One of the best ways to deal with dry skin is to use the right kind of ingredients that not only offer intense hydration but also make the skin appear super healthy and glowing. To help you pick the right products, we have rounded up not one or two, but five amazingly hydrating skincare ingredients that every girl with dry skin needs to include in her routine, right about now!

Aloe vera

Talk about hydrating ingredients and not mention aloe vera? That’s a sin right there. Apart from moisturising and hydrating your skin, aloe-infused skincare products help to soothe redness, inflammation and skin irritation quite effectively. Additionally, the lightweight texture of the aloe gel gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly for instant moisturisation minus the greasiness.

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One of the most highly effective ingredients used to treat dry skin has to be glycerine. Very commonly found in most skincare products meant for dry skin, glycerine is a natural humectant that helps to draw moisture from the environment and seal it in for incredible hydration.

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Hyaluronic acid

It’s no news that dry skin is more prone to premature ageing due to the lack of moisture in the skin. And a great way to put an end to this issue once and for all is to use products that contain hyaluronic acid. Hailed as a skincare hero by dermats and skincare enthusiasts alike, this humectant draws water into skin to keep it hydrated and glowing.

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Ceramides are nothing but fat molecules or lipids that form the skin’s outermost protective barrier and prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin. This is what makes ceramides an amazing ingredient for anyone with dry skin. Additionally, they also prevent the skin from free radicals in the environment as well as attract moisture to keep your skin looking super young, soft and supple.

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Lactic acid

One of the main benefits of lactic acid is its anti-ageing properties that is related to the fact it is excellent when it comes to stimulating collagen. An increase in collagen production helps to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking, as well as delay signs of ageing.

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