Oily skin woes like acne, blackheads and large pores are a package deal that we definitely don’t remember signing up for. But life’s unfair like that. If you have oily skin and struggle with these skin issues on a daily basis, you’d know how annoying it is. Yup, we are all in this together.

And, that’s exactly why we came up with (okay, thoroughly researched and pulled together) effective solutions to every oily skin problem you could be dealing with. So, girls, let’s banish these problems once and for all.

From pesky pimples and blackheads to dull and greasy skin, here’s how you can fix every oily skin problem out there and get a bit closer to getting better and healthier-looking skin. 


01. Acne

01.	Acne

Ugh! The worst of them all! These frustrating guests pop up every once in a while and stay longer than they’re welcome to. Well, it happens because bacteria lives and grows on oily areas of your skin which causes acne flare-ups. Keep your face clean by washing it with an anti-acne face wash, twice a day. Also, practice good hygiene and never touch your face with grimy and sweaty hands.


02. Blackheads and whiteheads

02.	Blackheads and whiteheads

Excess oil on your skin settle into the pores and gets oxidised which results in blackheads. Also, dead skin cells tend to clog pores, resulting in blackheads and whiteheads. Degunk the pores by exfoliating your face regularly and use face packs made with natural ingredients like egg white to get rid of blackheads.


03. Dull skin

03.	Dull skin

Sometimes, it feels like you could actually live with your oily skin if it didn’t come with dullness. Excess oil brings your complexion down and makes your face look dull and tired. Swear by exfoliating thrice a week to get rid of the dullness for good.


04. Visible pores

04.	Visible pores

If you have oily skin, large pores are definitely one of the problems you’re dealing with. Increased secretion of oil opens up the pores and makes them more prominent. You can fix it by using a toner twice, every day. It cleanses the skin, shrinks pore size and helps you achieve visibly smooth skin.


05. Super shiny zones

05.	Super shiny zones

Last, but not the least, your face looking like an oily mess by noon is another skin issue that people with an oily skin type go through. To combat shiny zones and grimy-looking skin, always keep a facial wipe or blotting paper handy. Simply dab it on the shiny zones to get a fresh and oil-free look on-the-go.